A View to a Fruit is the pilot episode of Pear Days. It aired on February 15, 2013 and is the first episode.


Pear wants to change Orange`s annoying ways so heads back in time to 2009 when Orange was born. Will the future change or will Pear`s life stay dull?


  • [Scene starts with Pear]
  • Pear: Would you pipe down already?
  • Orange: What, I couldn`t hear the Pear Phone. [Laughs]
  • Pear: Well, this is my life. A stupid orange making noices all day. If only I could change the course of Orange`s annoying life.
  • Dr. Banana: Say no more my friend.
  • Pear: Who are you?
  • Dr. Banana: Quiet, I don`t want that orange hearing me or the crap will get real.
  • Pear: Language. [Follows doctor]
  • Dr. Banana: If you want to change Orange`s annoying ways then head back to the time when Orange was born. The time he met Apple.
  • Pear: How am I meant to do that?
  • Dr. Banana: Step in this machine. [Places time machine in front of Pear]
  • Pear: [Steps in] How do I work it for one?
  • Dr. Banana: Figure it out. It will be simple. [Closes hatch door]
  • Pear: No more annoying oranges.
  • Orange: Hey, what`s that thing? [Spits seed]
  • Pear: [Hit by seed and realises the machine is breaking down] Now you`ve done it Orange! [Falls through time portal]
  • [Scene shows 2009 with Orange annoying Apple]
  • Orange: Can you do this? [Makes tounge noise]
  • Pear: [Falls out portal] I still made it.
  • Apple: For crying out loud!
  • Pear: Uh, hey Orange.
  • Orange: Who are you Mr. Green Jeans?
  • Pear: Whats with the attitude?
  • Apple: What is going on?
  • Orange: Silence Golden Boy.
  • Apple: I`m not gold.
  • Orange: What do you Greeny?
  • Pear: I want you to be less annoying.
  • Orange: I don't annoy, I am mean.
  • Pear: Why dumb time machine, why!!!
  • [Time machine blasts and sends Pear to 2013 Kitchen]
  • Pear: I'm back, but is Orange less annoying?
  • Orange: Nya Nya Nya!
  • Pear: Man!
  • [End of episode]

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