(Bart is sitting on the couch, watching Itchy and Scratchy. Scratchy appears in a hall of mirrors. Every mirror has Itchy instead of Scratchy, and Scratchy tries to figure out which one is the real Itchy. Suddenly, the mirror in front of him shakes. The real Itchy steps out and he pulls out a Mario costume, which somehow makes Scratchy turn into a Goomba. Super Itchy stomps the Scratchoomba.)

Bart: (laughs)

Homer: Boy, don't you think that you should give that TV a break and go play outside?

Bart: Oh, no. Here we go again.

Homer: What did you say?

Bart: What?

Homer: You heard me!

Bart: What?

Homer: Quit it!

Bart: What?

Homer: Why, you little! (Homer runs over and strangles Bart.)

Bart: (choking)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Strangle McStrangle-a-lot!

Homer: (He lets go of Bart.) Who said that?

Bart: Who IS that?

Orange: I'm an orange!

Bart: Hey, he looks familiar.

Homer: (screams) A talking orange! I'm gonna step on it!

Bart: No, don't! His show is one of the coolest shows ever!

Orange: It's true!

Bart: (He whispers to Orange) Hey, let's annoy him with some puns!

Orange: Hey! Hey, Yellow Guy!

Homer: What?

Orange: Do you like pizza?

Homer: Yes, I do! Why?

Orange: Because I think you like it because it's made from D'OH! (Orange and Bart laugh)

Homer: D'oh! (That makes Orange and Bart laugh even more)

Bart: Hey, Homer! I know who your favorite celebrity is!

Homer: Tell me!

Bart: Hillary Duff! (Orange and Bart laugh)

Homer: Why, you little! (He strangles Bart)

Bart: (choking)

Orange: Hey, Homer!

Homer: (He lets go of Bart) You finally got my name right. Thank you. And what is it?

Orange: Since you were strangling Bart, your favorite drink isn't Duff Beer.

Homer: Really? Then what is it?

Orange: Choke-a Cola! Or Coca-Choka! (Orange is laughing, while Bart is rolling on the floor, also laughing.)


Orange: That got him!

Bart: Finally! I'm going back to watching TV.

Lisa: Hey, Bart. (Lisa sees Orange and screams. Marge hears this and runs in holding Maggie, who is sucking her pacifier as usual.)

Orange: Uh-oh! I'm out of here!

Bart: Oh, too bad. I liked him. We should visit him sometime.

Voice: Three weeks later...

Orange: (He tells his friends the story.) And then everyone started screaming, and I ran out! (The Simpsons enter the kitchen.) D'oh!

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