Annoying Orange's Punch Out!! is a paroday of the Wii game "Punch-Out!!".


In this game you play as Little Orange (Paroday of Little Mac) in the Annoying Orange world fighting against other fruits and vegetables.

Nerville is known as Doc Nerville (Paroday of Doc Louis)


Minor Circuit

  1. 3 Glass Apple
  2. 2 Von Pear
  3. 1 Disco Marshmellow
  • Champion: King Grapefruit

Major Circuit

  1. 3 Piston Coconut
  2. 2 Bear Mango
  3. 1 Great Lemon
  • Champion: Don Jalepeno

World Circuit

  1. 4 Aran Crabapple
  2. 3 Soda Walnut
  3. 2 Bald Meatball
  4. 1 Super Macho Cucumber
  • Champion: Mr. Liam

Orange's Last Stand

  • Frankenfruit


Need some photos. They'll come soon!

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