AU or EO is the 12th episode of Season 5, it's pretty much what happened before the song, U Can't Squash This! Next episode is Annoying Orange: Other Orange Revenge


Oreo: So, since I've got the chocolate outside and the creamy inside, I'm pretty much the best cookie ever invented. 

Orange: Woah! Thanks for "filling" me in! Hahahaha! 

Oreo: Wow, never heard that one before! 

Orange: Geez, I've never seen a fruit like you before! 

Oreo: I'm not a fruit. 

Orange: Huh-you're not? 

Oreo: No, I'm a cookie. 

Orange: A "chucky?" 

Oreo: No, a cook-

Orange: Are you an egg? 

Oreo: No, I'm a type of-

Orange: Is your name Chuck? 

Oreo: No. 

Orange: Wait, you have creamy "filled" inside you? 

Oreo: Yes. 

Orange: Is your name "Phil?"

Oreo: What, no! 

Orange: Whanno, is that the fruit you are? 

Oreo: NO! Listen, I'm not a fruit, I'm not an egg, and I'm not whatever a whanno is! I'm an Or-e-o. 

Orange: Gold? 

Oreo: What? 

Orange: AU is gold in the idiotic table. 

Oreo: The idiot table? Don't you mean the pereodic table? And why are we suddenly talking about gold?! You know what, you're an idiot! 

Orange: I'm not an idiot, I'm an orange! Hahaha! 


(Liam all of a sudden comes)

Liam: Gold? Did somebody just say gold? 

Oreo: NO! 

Liam: Oh. (teleports away) 

Oreo: Why are we talking about G-O-L-D? 

Orange: Gold? 

Oreo: Yes. 

Orange: Because AU is gold in the pereodic table, and your name is Or-EO, so is it AU or EO? 

Oreo: Huh? 

Orange: AU Oreo, hahaha! 

Oreo: Hm, that was was actually quite funny. 

Orange: Hey Oreo! Can you motorboat!? 

Oreo: Huh? 

Orange: Like this! (motorboats) 

Oreo: Yeah! (motorboats) 

Orange: Hahaha! Oh Oreo, you're the best! 

Oreo: What did I tell you? I'm the best cookie invented! 

Orange: Yeah! Hahaha! Want to know the most violent OBJECT invented? 

Oreo: What? 

Orange: Knife! 

Oreo: Huh? (Knife cuts Oreo's back off!) 


Orange: Woah! You okay AUoreo? 

Oreo: Ah, yes! 

Orange: That's good, wanna know why? 

Oreo: Why? 

Orange: Nyanyanyanya! 

Oreo: Hahaha! Yeah, nunununun! 

Orange: No, you're doing it wrong it's more like this, NYAAAAAAAA! 


Orange & Oreo: HAHAHAHA! 

Orange: Wazzzzuuuuu-


Pear: AHHHH-

Grandpa Lemon: Aaaaaaah, (snores) 

Grapefruit: UUUUHHH-

Marshmallow: aaaahhh! 

Midget Apple: Uiiieeee-

Passion Fruit: eeeh-

Oreo: uup! 

Orange: Hahahaha! 

Oreo: Yeah, this is awesome! 

Orange: I know, Hey! Hey Oreo, hey oreo hey! 

Oreo: What, what is it? 

Orange: Squash! 

(Squash squashes oreo) 

Squash: Eww! Not crumb bum again! 

Orange: Hey Squashy! Hey Squashy, hey Squashy, hey! 

Squash: What? What is it? 

Orange: Car! 

(car pushes squash away) 

Oreo: Uh-I'm still alive. 

Orange: Good. 

Oreo: Why? 

Orange: Blender! 

(Oreo goes in the blender) 

Orange: You okay, IE or EO! HAHAHAHA! Uh, eww. 

(Oreo comes out as a milkshake)

Orange: Hey, hey oreo! Hey! 

Oreo: Yeah. 

Orange: Nyanyanyanayananyanyanya!

Oreo: Hahaha! 

Announcer: Get your Oreo Krushems today at KFC! 


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