Orange: I have done so many episodes, and lots of people have asked me to do something educational. Here you are then!


So many episodes!

Orange: A is for apple, thats what you are!

B is for Bunnies, in Marshmallows car!

Marshmallow: (in a car) Yay! Bunnies!

Orange: C is for cars, they are what you drive!

D is for Dog Biscuit, I hope he will subscribe!

Dog Biscuit: I subscibed Twice!

Orange: E is for Egypt, it's so hot!

F is for Frankenfruit, it is a clot!

G is for gun, they shoot with a "pow!"

H is Heatburn You should say "ow!"

I is for idiot, thats what grapefruit is!

J is for Jam, it is in a tis!

K is for Kaboom! it is a noise!

L is for ladies, not girls or boys!

M is for marshmellow, he's has to flee,

N is for nosebleed, I think I need a pee!

O is for orange, they really rock!

P is for passion, ....... (speechless with love)

Q is for Quetsals, I made that word Up!

R is for Running, Running down and up!



U is for umberella, keeps you dry.

V is for vases, there in a tie!

W is for whales, i think they can pound,

X is for xylophone they make good sounds.

Y is for yam,

Z is for zoo,

That is the alphabet, now I say kaboom! (laughs)

Was that educational or what!

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