After Orange gets chopped up and buried in a cemetery, he is revived by Liam, only to get an abrasive side he never wanted in the first place.

"Annoying Orange: Abrasive Side"
Characters: Orange, Habanero, Grapefruit, Pear, Knife, Marshmallow, Passion Fruit, Liam the Leprechaun, Grandpa Lemon, Squash, Captain Obvious, Copper Lincoln
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Orange: Wait. So you're a habanero?

Habanero: Uh-huh.

Orange: That doesn't ring a bell..... PEPPER! (laughs)

Habanero: Shut up! I'm not even a bell pepper!

Orange: I don't have to shut up and guess what's the good part?

Habanero: What?

Orange: There's no way you're gonna make me! (laughs)

Habanero: You know what? I think I'm gonna kill you.

Grapefruit: Oh no you don't! Nobody beats up Orange but ME!

Grandpa Lemon: You can't give him a good whuppin'! Back in my day, fruit parents used to beat their... (falls asleep)

Orange: You're not allowed to beat me up, and I can prove it too! (laughs)

Pear: If you kill Orange, I might call a genie and tell him to reverse everything, and get it to where YOU get knifed.

Habanero: You won't stop me! Knife, come here!

Knife: Yes?

Habanero: Chop Orange!

Knife: No! Orange doesn't want to be knifed!

Habanero: Oh yes he does! I bet he likes it!

Knife: Hey, guess what?

Habanero: What?

Knife: Shut up!

Orange: Hi-Orange! (Knife and Orange do a hi-five) It's called a hi-orange since nobody in the kitchen has hands.

Habanero: That's it, orange! You will shut your mouth right now! And as for you, Knife-

Knife: What?

Habanero: If you're not going to chop Orange, I'm gonna have to force you to chop him. (Pepper spits in Dane Boedigheimer's face to drop his knife to chop Orange)

Orange, Knife, Pear, Marshmallow, and the rest of Orange's friends: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pear: No! Orange!

Habanero: HA!

Pear: You won't get away with this!

Habanero: Yes I will, you dayum son of a (bleep) dufus! Ha ha! You're the dumb! (tongue noise)

Knife: Yeah? Well, guess what? Knife!

Habanero: What are you talking about, you dayum son of a (bleep)?!

Pear: Whoa!


Knife: "Oh, crap. I did it again."

Pear: Well, I guess we'll never see Orange again.

Passion: Shall we hold a funeral?

Pear: Sure.

(Title card says "5 depressing minutes later.....")

Pear: Thank you for coming, everybody. This funeral is held for our friend, Orange. He was a cool friend to us, even though he was annoying.

Copper Lincoln: Dat Orange was so friendly, even if his puns were hecka dumb. (sobs)

Leprechaun: (poof!) Don't I know it? Orange was the biggest jerk in the whole wide world, and I can prove it you now!

Pear: Excuse me! Don't interrupt. Rude. Anyway, he was the best friend anyone could ever have.

Leprechaun: Orange was the most annoying thing he'd ever be, and this is the best day ever! (laughs)

Pear: Let's have a moment of silence and pray. Dear Lord, Orange is coming to join you. We'll always remember him. Amen.

Everyone (besides Leprechaun): Amen.

Pear: Time to bury him. Let's head to the cemetery.

(Title card says "2 minutes later.... really sad.....")

Pear: Goodbye, Orange. We'll miss you.

Passion Fruit: May he rest in peace.

Habanero's Soul: "Haha! Winer some more, dufus! Haha! You're the dumb! (tongue noise) So is Orange! (tongue noise)

Captain Obvious: I've got a vacuum and a bomb!

Habanero's soul: What!?

Captain Obvious: I'm sucking you up and blowing up the vacuum!


Marshmallow: Well, we better go home. It's dinner time.

Orange: I can take you there.

Gang: Orange?

(something mysterious happens with the sound)

Leprechaun: You see, I revived Orange to make you happy, and it's still the best day ever for me!

Orange's abrasive side: Hello, worthless (bleep) fruits. (tongue noise)

Gang: Orange?

Orange's abrasive side: I am orange level 2. No one's ever failed my class, let's live through the (bleep) of it. (tongue noise)

Orange: I'm an orange. I just grew an abrasive side See? I'm alive! Now let's enjoy dinner! (laughs) Remember this? Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya, nya-nya-nya-nya--

Orange's abrasive side: Your spines will break, your teeth will ache. Your eyes will be bloodshot.

(Title card says "12 minutes later")

Pear: I guess the funeral was held for Orange only for seven minutes.

Orange: Remember that I can do this? (burps) (laughs)

(Title card says "32 minutes later")

Orange's abrasive side: You're a (bleep) fat girl! (tongue noise)

Passion Fruit: Hey!

Orange's abrasive side: Guess what, look what I did to your goat's leg? (tongue noise)

Marshmallow: I have a goat? Yay!

Grapefruit: I can't believe Orange called me a (bleep)!

Grandpa Lemon: Yeah, he even called me a...(falls asleep)

Passion Fruit: If you call me fat again, I'll hit you on the head!

Orange: Passion, you're not really fat. You're not fat at all. You're a passion fruit.

Passion Fruit: Really?

Orange: Yeah.

Orange's abrasive side: No, you are the fattest girl IN THE WHOLE WORLD! YOU'RE A (bleep)!" (tongue noise)

Passion Fruit: (groan) Oh, come on now.

Orange's abrasive side: Ha ha! Cry for your (bleep) mother! Okay, you can stop now... STOP! SHUT UP, (bleep)!

Squash: How about this! (jumps on Orange and tries to squash him)

Orange's abrasive side: Ha ha! Jump on me some more, dufus! (fake laugh) You're the dumb! (tongue noise)

Squash: Normally I hate squashing everyone!

Copper Lincoln: Yo! Those insults are worse than an A-List rapper's in a battle! What?

Leprechaun: Aha!

Orange: Little green giant. You tricked me. Take away this abrasive side before I...

Orange's abrasive side: Don't listen to him! He's a (bleep)!

Leprechaun: You got it Orange! So long, Abrasivy!

(Orange loses his abrasive side)

To be continued...


  • This is the longest episode so far, at 10:53.
  • This episode was originally called "Annoying Orange: Orange Dies".

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