"Annoying Orange: Adventure Time"
Episode: 76
Airdate: June 26, 2011
Characters: Orange, Finn, Ice King, Jake, Pear, Penguins, Fire
Fanon Episode Guide
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"Annoying Orange: Adventure Time Outtakes"
Orange annoys Finn and Jake but Pear is trying to stop Orange from annoying them because Pear likes the show. Ice King asks who Orange is but suddenly, Penguins are trying to eat Orange but they give up.


Orange: (laughs)

Finn: What was that?

Orange: Hey, it's a blueberry and an orange!

Jake: Hey! I'm not an orange!

Orange: Gee, you don't have to so rude!

Finn: What did you do with the Princess?

Orange: I don't know. I haven't seen her anywhere.

Jake: Oh.

Pear: Stop annoying them. They're on my favorite show.

Orange: What? Huh?

Ice King: (growls)

(penguins crossing and honking)

Orange: Hey, Orange and Blueberry!

Finn: What?! I'm not a Blueberry! I'm a--

Orange: Marshmallow! I'll do this!

(spits 5 seeds)

Jake: Glob!

Orange and Pear: Hey, guys.

Finn and Jake: WHAT IS IT ALREADY!?!

Orange: Ice magic!

Finn and Jake: (scared) Oh, my glob! (screams)

Pear: Whoa!

Ice King: I'm really sorry about them.

Orange: Fire!

(Ice King screams while losing his powers)

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