"Annoying Orange: Adventure Time Outtakes"
Episode: 76-B
Characters: Director, Orange, Ice King, Penguins, Pear, Finn, Jake, Director
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Adventure Time"

The Annoying Orange: Adventure Time Outtakes are outtakes with 10 takes.


Director: Take 1.

Finn: I'm a--(laughs)

Director: Take 2.

Pear: Stop annoying them. They're on my-- Wait, 1st or 2nd?

Director: Take 3.

Orange: What? Huh?

Ice King: ...

Director: (tired) Take 4.

(penguins crossing and honking then hit the wall)

Director: Take 5. Wait, where is everybody? Take 6.

Jake: Hey! I'm not a--(laughs)

Director: (sighs) Take 7.

Ice King: ...

Director: (sighs) Not again! Take 8!

Finn and Jake: WHAT IS IT!?

Director: Take 9! One more chance.

Orange: Water!


Director: Let's just eat lunch.

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