Orange joins America's Got Talent and wants to win the audition.

Characters: Shevonne, Frank Miles, Orange, Pepper, Daniel Joseph Baker, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osborne, Howie Mandel, Nick Cannon, Duo Aero, Preston Weber, Thomas John, Earl of Lemongrab, Team iLuminate


Nick Cannon: And now our next contestant is-- wait, this Orange wants to Audition for America's Got Talent?

Orange: Hey, audience, hey!

Howie Mandel: Yes?

Orange: What's my act? Orange? (Laughs)

2 minutes later...

Sharon Osbourne: It's a yes from me.

Howie Mandel: A yes too. You're close to the semi-finals!

Piers Morgan: It's gonna be a no from me.

Orange: YAY!

Later that day...

Shevonne: An Orange! I'm gonna eat it!

Orange: No, wait! Don't!

Shevonne: Who said that?

Orange: Me. Hey, who's that?

(Frank Miles juggles Potatoes on fire)

Orange: Oh, so that's what he does!

Daniel Joseph Baker: Hi, Annoying Orange!

Orange: Hi!

(Duo Aero talks with each other)

Orange: Who are those guys?

Prestone Weber: Oh, that's Duo Aero, Acrobats.

Team iLuminate: So, do you think we'll go into the finals?

Shevonne: Yes!

Pepper: Hey, sikkos! I got my body back!

At the Top of Stratosphere...

Pepper: No, wait! I won't be mean anymore! I promise! I wou-- (screams while falling then splats on Thomas John's car)

Thomas John: I better not look up, there was a pepper falling on my car. Hurry up, Lemon Dude!

Lemongrab: 700,000,000 Years dungeon!

Thomas John: You can't send me to a dungeon! You've been standing there in your car for 12 hours!

(Giant M&M drops on Earl's car)

Earl: The world will be in the dungeon for 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Years!

Thomas John: Shut up!

(Shevonne, Duo Aero, Thomas John, and Frank Miles start drinking lemonade)

(Lemongrab screams then moves left to Caesars Place/Palace then Everyone cheers)

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