In this episode of Annoying Orange, Orange, the gang, and some minor characters have a race.


Barry Bacon: Welcome the the first annual Kitchen Grand Prix! I'm your host, Barry Bacon!

Marshmallow: Bacon! Numnumnumnum!

Barry Bacon: No! Off!

[Marshmallow gets back into his car]

Lemon: I am so going to win this race!

Sonic: Of course not! Just because I'm in a car doesn't mean I'm not as fast as I am on feet!

Mac: Oh, come on! Me and Cheese tag teamed, so we will get the trophy!

Stephanie: Acutally, I'm going to win the race.

Lime: That's easy for you to say, because you only starred in one episode!

Barry Bacon: Enough smack talk! On your mark, get set, go!

[the characters start racing]

Mario: Haha! Fireball!

[Mario's fireball hits Orange's car]

Yoshi: Items! Items for all!

[Super Mario Items are now on the race track]

Knife: Alright, let's kick things up a notch!

[Knife cuts Slender Man's head off, Slender Man becomes a zombie]

Barry Bacon: Whoa, things are heating up as Pear, Squash, and Purple Pikmin have almost died!

Grapefruit: That must have hurt!

[Gladiators start chasing the racers from behind]

Gladiator: Hey Apple! Knife!

Midget Apple: Not funny, guys!

[Knife falls on Midget Apple]

Barry Bacon: Oh no,.what's this? Devil is placing a brick wall onto the course!

[Chaos happens]

Barry Bacon: And it's the end of the race! Princess Butterflykiss gets the trophy!

[After the race...]

Orange: Whoa, that must have hurt.

Gladiator: I feel like I'm going to vomit!

Oshawott: I'm really hurt. Someone send me to the Pokemon Center.

Squash: And I was in last!

Zombie Marshmallow: Death trap.

Marshmallow: What?

Mario: Speak up!

Grandpa Lemon: I'm bored.

[All the racers die]

Fruity Question of the Week

Should Barry Bacon return in another episode?

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