Orange: Hey! Watermelon! Hey!

Watermelon: Do not open that mouth to annoy me dude!

Orange: Yeah, actually my head hurts! Pear! Can you take over again?

Pear: Oh no!

(Title card shows Annoying Pear 2 with faint No More Mr. Knife Guy music)

Pear: Oh. Hey! Hey! Watermelon!

Watermelon: Don't you- Oh! It's you Pear.

Pear: Yeah! Hey Watermelon!

Watermelon: What?

Pear: You're very dangerous!

Watermelon: How'd you reach that conclusion?

Pear: You know! Watt-ermelon! You're electricity and water! (Halfhearted laugh)

Orange: (snorts) Good one Pear!

Watermelon: I'm NOT Dangerous! I'm just big!

Lemon: Whazzup?

Apple: Shut up!

Pear: Hey! Watermelon!

Watermelon: What?

Orange: Have you been putting on weight?

Watermelon: Oh! It's sizest jokes now. Well-

Pear: Knife!

Watermelon: AHHH!

Apple: That is very deja Vu.

Orange: Actually, I'm feeling better! Thanks Pear!

Pear: Your welcome, Orange!

Orange: Hey, Pigs!

Pigs (Angry Birds): What?

Orange: Bird!

Red Bird: (splatting pigs)

Red Bird: Are you joking to me?

Fruity Question of the Day!

What is your favorite food?

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