Orange finds apple alive, and annoys him, until Apple is taken to another place on the counter.


Orange: Ho hum. Bo lum. Lumpy! Ha! Apple: Grr! (Appears on counter) Orange: Woah! Apple! You're back! Apple: Yeah, see this tape? I was taped back. Orange: That looks like see-through throw-up! Apple: Oh great, orange! You had to say that. Orange: I did. Apple: Oh! Put me out of my misery! Orange: Hey, apple! Apple! You look fruity, fruity,fruity... (babbles tounge)

Apple: SHUT UP! Oh, this is just like last time!

Orange: Yeah, except this time it's Hand.

Apple: What?

Orange: Hand!

Apple: (being moved by hand) Oh, thank goodness. Oh, hey pear. Pear: Hey. See ya.

Apple: Same here. (Gets set down next down next to a sleeping Midget Apple)

Apple: At leat I'm no longer dead.

Midget Apple: Don't put too many bets on that.

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