Orange creates jetpacks for his team, and they all go on their seventh mission. Lasha pulls out a telescope to look at one of Bowser's evil schemes. They saw a hospital, where a lot of patients are sick. Bowser and Tuck built a secret weapon that can destroy the world, The Deathinator. The team entered the hospital to see something bad, and Bowser and his team is up to no good. One of his teamates had a gutache. Darwin saw an elevator that is the right size for the team. When the team arrived at the room that Bowser was in, They saw The Deathinator. Bowser stepped on a Krabby Patty. Nosferu called Spongebob on the phone. Buddy's sick tummy growled. Then Bowser's army came to destroy the team. Then, the team is ready to fight. Orange rolled and destroyed The Deathinator. Darwin raised his hand and punched Buddy in the stomach. Nosferu whammed his tail at Tuck's shell. And Lasha spits venom into Bowser's eyes. Then Bowser, Tuck, and Buddy merged into a huge, monstrous form called Robobear. Then, the team released a giant dragon called, The Dark Nebula. They got on the huge creature and the two began to battle to the death. Robobear grabbed The Dark Nebula's tail and threw him on the ground. Then the two huge guys battle in New York City. The Dark Nebula breathed purple flames and Robobear was destroyed. Then Bowser, Tuck, and Buddy was back to their normal sized selves. Then the team returned to their base, and the bad guys are in jail. The End.

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