Orange, Buddy, Delta Dragonoid, Pear, Midget apple, Marshmallow, and Skales annoy Barney. Orange - hey, hey purple dino hey. Barney - i am Barney, i love you, you love me, we're a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me and you, won't we say you love me too. Skales - Barney , that ssssong wasss embarrissssing. Orange - hey purple Dino hey. Barney - what. Pear - get out of here you purple freak. Barney - hey punies, you look like small freaks [laughs] Midget Apple - hey, i'm not puny, i'm little apple. Orange - if you call these guys punies, i will know we will annoy you. Barney - wow, you got a puny. Orange - no, that's Buddy. Lizaru - we will attack barney, right boys. All of the serpentine tribes - yes sir. Orange hey, hey barney , you look puny[laughs] Barney - shut up. Marshmallow - you look like a rainbow[giggles] Barney - stop it. Buddy - look you have a bad carmah [laughs] Barney - shut up puny. Buddy - you call your self a puny pharaoh-pod [laughs] Barney - that's not funny. Orange - hey, hey barney. Barney - WHAT. Orange - Serpentine. Barney - what. Serpentine - get him boys. Barney - [screaming while an army of serpentine kills him]

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