Orange annoys a basketball on the court.

== Transcript ==

Orange: (Being taken out of a bag) Dark, dark, light! Lollipop: (Being taken out of same bag) Ooh! Basketbsall court. Orange: This isn't a basketball court! It's heaven! See, it's all light! Lollipop: Uh, you're wrong orange, just ask Basketball. Basketball: (falling from sky onto court) Ow! Orange: Uhh... Hi! (Babbles tounge) Basketball: Great, here I am, bumped and bruised and here is annoying here! Orange: You know me? Basketball: Yeah, from your youtube videos. I wasn't born yesterday you know. Orange: Yeah uh, you were! You're all pink! Basketball: I'm not pink. I'm orange! Orange: No, I'm Orange! You're pink! Basketball: D'oh. Orange: Hey! Hey! Basketbrawl! Basketball: Uh, I'm not listening to you. Orange: OK, let's play one-sided talking! I'll start. Basketball and Lollipop: Uh, no. Orange: Yes! So this one day, (closes eyes and doesn't see basketaball being grabbed and lollipop being takenn and orange being taken back home, where he promptly falls a sleep) Shelly: Wow, he even snores annoyingly. Pear: Is there even such a word? Shelly: In this kitchen, there is.

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