• Orange: Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya....NYA! TAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Pear: Uhhhh! Somebody make it stop.
  • Mystery voice: I'll make em' stop.
  • Pear: Who, who, who was th-that. A man, or a little voice in my head which proves I'm insane.
  • Mystery voice: I'm a man, Batman that is.
  • Pear: Well, "batman", how are you going to make Orange stop?
  • Batman: With my batarang!
  • Pear: What is a bat-a-rang?
[Batman throughs his batrang].
[glass breaks and carrots, apples, and rubarbs scream and get stabbed with glass].
  • Apple (Annoying Orange tv show) talking to Coconut (Annoying Orange tv show): And that's why Marshmellow acts like a girl. (Glass breaks on Apple) "Aghhh! Ava-lanch!
  • Pear: I didn't want you to try to kill him!!!
  • Batman: But he's Orangema, the badest bad guy ever!
  • Pear: He's not Orange-ma, just look at 'em.
  • Orange: (Singing) Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid a egg. The Batmoblie lost a wheel and the Joker got away, HEY! NEHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Batman: he always this way?
  • Pear: Yeah. But I can deel with it.
  • Batman: I'm gonna' ask him questions to see if he's a good guy. Alright?
  • Pear: Uh, yeah, sure, whatever.
  • Batman: Orange.
  • Orange: What Batman, chicken.
  • Batman: Chicken what?
  • Orange: Chicken-butt! NEHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Batman: Okey, I give up, he's not Orange-ma, he's Orange. Now Orange, do you wanna' be a superhero and help me destroy Bad guys ?
  • Orange: Who wouldn't?!
  • Batman: Good, now chose a name.
  • Orange: Batorange!
  • Batman: Alright-y, let's go to Gotham City to cature some vil--
  • Pear: Wait! I wanna' join the squad to and be Pearobin!
  • Batman: Okay everybody! let's go!
[Batman theme music plays]
[Pear and Orange punch two bad guys then the heroes shake hands-wait they don't have any, ha!]
[Orange covers himself with his cape]
  • Choir (singing in the Batman tune): Batorange!....Batorange!....Batorange, Batorange, Batorange!
[Pear and Orange punch a bunch of bad guys]
[bad guys fly in the air while choir sings Batorange again]
  • Choir (singing in the Batman tune): Nan-nah na-nah nan-nah nan-nah na...BATORANGE!
[Now it switchs to Gotham City]
  • Hugo: Bob, where are we?
  • Bob: Well, well, well I don't know I ate the map Hu--
  • Bob: We are stranded in a City with no money, no food, and no--
  • Hugo: SHUT UP! we'll have alotta' food as SOON as we can get a wallet outta' some guy's poket by do'in the "bump into somebody and take there wallet" trick, ALRIGHT!
  • Bob: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh boss, and, and right boss.
  • Hugo: COME ON! Before Batm--

[Batman jumps out of the blue]

  • Hugo and Bob: (gasps)!
  • Bob: It's, it's, it's, it's...
  • Hugo: BATMAN!
  • Batman: right men, and I'm not alone.
  • Orange: Batorange to the r-r-r-rescue!
  • Batman: This is Bato--
  • Batman: What?
  • Bob: You brought a talk'in orange!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Batman: You won't be laugh'in aft'a this. batorange, do your stuff!
  • Orange: Alright! (clears throat) Hey! Hey bad guys! Hey!
  • Bob and Hugo: What?!
  • Orange: Which hand do you whose to writw with? Right or theft? Hadadadadadadada!
  • Hugo: C'mon, jokes? You must be--
  • Orange: Joker?
  • Hugo: Yes!
  • Orange: No, Joker!
  • Hugo and Bob: Whaaaaaaaaa?
  • Joker: Yo there und'a-wear! Haha! Who was mak'in dose' jokes?
  • Orange: See, Joker! (laughs)
[Joker slashing Bob and Hugo with his sword]
  • Orange: Oooo... it was terrible (laughs)
[Episode ends]

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