Orange: Tweedlee - dee -dee -dee dee! Dee- dee- dee- Deedlee ORANGE! hahahaha

(Daneboe places Beet on counter)

Beet: Yo watch where you put me ya ninny!

Orange: Whoa! hey red turnip!

Beet: Uh, what?

Orange: Yoohoo, I'm talking to you!

Beet: Oh me? No i'm a beet

Orange: Youre a beet? I thought this was a beat! (beatboxes)

Beet: No! A beet! B-E-E-T! As in a veggie everyone loves in salads.

Orange: Yeah, tell that to salad! She's a total perfectionist!

Salad: Lets see, tomatos, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, onion... agh! No beet! I can't go out 

Orange: Why dont you fall in love with her and leaf! HAHAHA!

Beet: oh, god make it stop, kill me now!

Orange: You can say that again

Beat: why?

Orange Eh, I'll tell you later.

Beet: Oh, okay.

Orange: Come on, dont be a dirtface! hahahaha

Beet: Watch what you say you (bleep)ing orange!

Orange: Talk about a dirty word! Hahahaha!

Beet: Listen up! You should shut up for a second!

Orange: One! hahahaha

Beet: (seethes with anger)

Orange: What? You embarresed? Your looking a little red! Hahahahaha!

Beet: Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orange: Jeez, dont be silly! You'll be "pulled" offstage! Hahahahaha!

Beet: OH MY GOD FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orange: Hey, hey beet hey!

Beet: For crying out loud WHAT IS IT!?!!!?!??!?!?!?!

Orange: Knife!

Beet: Duaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Orange: Whoa, looks like nobody rooted for you! hahaha get it? root?

(enter Parsnip)

Parsnip: Uh, Orange, where's Beet? I said I'd meet him here at 10:00.

Orange: Eh, he's dead.

Parsnip: WHAT?

Orange: Oh, by the way...

Parsnip: What is it?

Orange: Squash!

Parsnip: Ahhh! (squish!!!!!)

Squash: Ewwww, grossss!

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