"Annoying Orange: Bugs Bunny'ed"
Episode:  ?
Airdate:  ?
Episode References: Bugs Bunny
Characters: Bugs Bunny, Orange, Elmer Fudd, Lola Bunny, Tweety, Porky Pig
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"Annoying Orange: Road Runnah!"
"Annoying Orange: Duck and Amuck"

Orange annoys Bugs Bunny but isn't mad. He thinks that they're funny. They both annoy Elmer Fudd to save Lola Bunny.


At forest...

Orange: (slowly babbling tounge) Oh...I'm bored. Hmm...

Bugs Bunny: Hey, what's up, Orange? I saw you on Youtube.

Orange: Whoa! I saw you on TV! Are you Bugs Bunny'ed? (laughs)

Bugs Bunny: (laughs) You have amazing jokes!

Pear: Hey, What's With The New Guy?

(Bugs Bunny's cellphone rings)

Bugs Bunny: Hello?

Lola Bunny: Bugs, I'm tied up to a tree and I need to escape in 1 hour because of a bomb. Bye.

Bugs Bunny: We have to rescue someone!

(title appears)

Bugs Bunny: We should stop by Tweety's store.

Tweety: Hi!

Bugs Bunny: We're trying to look for a weapon to stop Elmer Fudd.

Tweety: First one is the literal cherry bomb.

Bugs Bunny: Good, a cherry that's a bomb so what kind?

Tweety: Maraschino.

Orange: Yum! Totally!

Tweety: Next one is the pumpkin cluster rifle.

Bugs Bunny: We'll take it.

Tweety: The last one is the spud gun.

Bugs Bunny: Yeah.

Tweety: The whole thing is estimated to $140 but it can be free if you let me come with you.

Bugs Bunny: No problem.


Bugs Bunny: Hey, Porky. How's it going?

Porky Pig: Can I come with you?

Bugs Bunny: Sure.

At the other side of the forest...

Orange: Look!

Bugs Bunny: The fuse is almost gone!

(Orange spits Orange Juice)

Lola Bunny: Thank you, Orange!

Elmer Fudd: I'll just shoot the wabbit instead. How about at that Munchkin over there??


Bugs Bunny: Hey, Elmer Fudd. Are you gonna dubble you weapons (w)? (laughs)

Orange: (laughs) You're not laughing.

(Bugs Bunny uses all the weapons)

Orange: Uh-oh. (spits seed)

Elmer Fudd: Let me get (vibrating) REVENGE ON BOTH OF YOUUUUUUUUU! (gun explodes)

Bugs Bunny: Now that was a nice Adam's apple explosion! (Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Passion Fruit and Bugs Bunny laugh)

Lola Bunny: Bugs Bunny, I have something for you.

Bugs Bunny: Can you tell me?

(Lola Bunny kisses Bugs Bunny)

Porky Pig, Tweety Pear, Midget Apple and Orange: Whoa!

Tweety: Wow.

Orange: (Sobs) Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored. (groans)

Pear: Uh-Oh!

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