Annoying Orange annoys a bag of Cheezy Poofs.


  • Orange: Hey! Hey Bagface the second! Hey! Hey!
  • (Human hand turns the bag)
  • Orange: :O Your not listening!
  • Cheezey Poof #1: Yes we are!
  • (Title Screen come on)
  • Orange: Wow! Chweezy Woofs!
  • Cheezey Poof #4: Were Not Chweezey Woofs!
  • Orange: Yes you are!
  • Cheezey Poof #2: Calm Down, You are going to wake up Blender.
  • Blender: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........
  • Cheesey Poof #3: Ok Ok! lets be quiet and Blender down there will be fine.
  • Pear: Did someone say Cheesey Poofs?
  • Orange: I did!
  • Blender: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.............
  • Cheesey Poof #4: Whew! Blender totaly scared us!
  • Orange: Chweezey Woofs...
  • Cheesey Poofs: What?
  • Orange: ... Your an apple! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
  • Cheesey Poof #2: IM not an apple!!
  • Cheesey Poof #1: Ok Stop were are going to...
  • (Hand Pushes Cheesey Poofs in the blender.)
  • Blender: Yawn!
  • (Orange Grins)
  • Cheesey Poofs: Why Are you grinning?
  • Orange: Hey!
  • Cheesey Poofs: What!!??
  • Orange: Blender!
  • Blender: Ok! Lets get the shredder of cheese going Mr. Hand!
  • Pear: Wait! Everything is going wrong!
  • (Hand turns Blender on)
  • Pear: Ok! No one is listening
  • Cheesey Poofs: (Screams in terror)
  • Pear: Oh Come On!! I Was Trying to say Hello!
  • Blender and Orange: Sorry! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
  • (Pear makes an grumpy face)


  • This is the first time the hand was called Mr. Hand by Blender.
  • Chweesey Woofs is not bad grammar, it is a pun, and part of the episodes name.
  • Cheesey Poofs is from South Park.

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