Orange: Do you have any best buddies rather than Paprika?

Cheez-It: Well I was BFF temporary with some parmesan cheese in half-month, but he is almost empty.

Orange: Oh, you got divorced?

Cheez-It: Of course, but the parmesan cheese is friends with Rhubarb.

Orange: You mean Celery?

Cheez-It: No, Rhubarb!

Orange: Hey Rhubarb!

Rhubarb: Yea!

Orange: Knife!

(Rhubarb shrieks)

Coca Cola: Hello Orange!

Orange: Hey, what the heck are you?

Coca Cola: I'm a can of Coca Cola!

Orange: Coca Cola! Inca Cola!

Inca Kola: Yes?

(Orange spits seed at Inca Kola, leaving a dent)

Inca Kola: Ouch! (hole blasts from the hole, getting into Cheez-It's mouth)

Cheez-It: I got choked! (chokes)

Coca Cola: Inca Kola is the Peruvian me!

Orange: Whoa!

Coca Cola: But too bad Cheez-It drank it and got choked.

Cheez-It: Oh my god! (continues choking)

Orange: Hey Coca Cola!

Coca Cola: (Coca Cola is now scared) Yes?

Orange: Why they named you Coca Cola?

Coca Cola: Robinson came up with the name.

Pear: Hey Cheez-It!

Cheez-It: Hey I got choked because Inca Kola got out of my mouth! (continues choking)

Pear: Wow, that's not too good!

Orange: I spit a seed at Inca Kola. Hey Coca Cola!

Coca Cola: (Coca Cola frightens) What?

Orange: Cokea Coela! (laughs)

Coca Cola: (Coca Cola gets a little angry) THATS NOT MY NAME!

Cheez-It: (Cheez-It gets angry too) THATS NOT HIS NAME! (chokes more)

Orange: Cheez-It?

Cheez-It: Yes?! (stops choking)

Orange: Coca Cola?

Coca Cola: WHAT?!

Orange: Straw!

(Coca Cola screams)

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