Orange annoys the crap out of Red, and Blue.


Orange: Lalalala!

(A Time Machine comes)

Orange: Whoa! A hand-drawed machine of time.

Red: Are we there yet Blue?

Blue: For the last time Red, NO!

Orange: Is that paint?

Red: NO! Were stick figures!

Orange: Fire horns?

Blue: No!

(Red and Blue step out of the Time Machine)

Orange and Pear: (Screams)

(Title Screen comes on)

Red: Who is that orange thing?

Pear: It's Orange!

Blue: He looks like a midget apple

Midget Apple: That's Little Apple!

Marshmallow: Yay!! Cute stick figures!

Orange: They are hand drawed!

Blue: Im Blue.

Orange: Blue. Smurfs?

Blue: (Facepalm)

Midget Apple: Do you know that you can change to Purple?

Red: No!

Liam: Ahah! I caught... you.... Orange?

Orange: Jolly Green Giant returns!

Liam: Grrrr!

Red: Im Red!

Orange: Red. Sandy Claus?

Santa Doll: Im Not Sandy Claus!

Orange: Hey! Hey! Hey Paint! Hey!

Blue: What?

Orange: Make more paint to grow larger hahahahaha!

Red: GRRRR!!!

Orange: Whoa! Red is raging! Hahahahhaha!

Red: GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Pear: Hey! Hey! Calm Down Guys

Other Orange: They Just Look more like hand drawn paint!

Orange: Paint Heads!

Red and Blue: What?

Orange: Did You Know Red vs Blue?

Red: No! Orange!

Orange: Sounds like you need a Paint-Athon. Hahahahahahahaha!

more qoutes coming soon
Annoying Orange Dick Figures

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