Orange: Hey Politic Lemon!

Democrat Lemon: I'm interested in polotics, but I'm a democrat lemon.

Orange: You mean DEH-MOW-CRAT LEMON!

Democrat Lemon: It's democrat!

Orange: DEH-MOW-CRAT?!


Orange: Wig Party?

Democrat Lemon: IT'S WHIG NOT WIG!

Democrat Apple: Well Democrat Lemon, the whig party discontinued since 155 years ago.

Democrat Lemon: Oh, so he is an libertarian party Orange!

Democrat Apple: The Libertarian Party is a third party, and you know that Orange is not in polotics.

Orange: Oh, well tell Pear! He is interested in polotics!

Pear: What party am I?

Democrat Apple: You are none, you are not in polotics!

Orange: Hey Cheez-It, what party are you?

Cheez-It: I'm defenately a republican just like Republican Cookie.

Republican Cookie: Hey Cheez-It! Who are we going to vote in the next election?

Cheez-It: The republican of course!

Democrat Apple: The democrat, for me. Because me as Democrat Apple, I am really a democratic crabapple.

Orange: Well you would vote for Apple Party, because you're an apple! (laughs)

Democrat Apple: I would love for the Apple Party to exist so I can rename myself Apple Party Apple.

Orange: Yay! (laughs)

Democrat Apple: If it existed, I would quit voting for democrats but I am sure an apple.

Orange: What type of apple?

Democrat Apple: I am a crabapple, though I'm not crabby.

Orange: Oh, well you are taller than the crabapple I've ever met though you are not a midget apple. (laughs)

Midget Apple: That's Little Apple! What they are two apples, me and a plain old apple?

Democrat Apple: I'm not a Red Delicious apple, I am a crabapple.

Midget Apple: Oh, there was another crabapple I met which called me midget and got smashed by Pumpkin.

Pumpkin: Hey Little Apple, Apple and Lemon!

Democratic Lemon: It's Democratic Lemon!

Orange: Hey Democratic Lemon!

Democratic Lemon: WHAT?!

Orange: Penny!

(Daneboe inserts a penny in Democrat Lemon)

Democratic Lemon: Ouch! That penny landed on my butt!

Orange: Hey Democratic Lemon!

(Democratic Lemon closes eyes)

Democratic Lemon: OUCH! WHAT? WHAT IS IT?

Orange: Nail, fastener.

(Daneboe inserts a nail in Democrat Lemon then takes him away)

Orange: Wow, now Democrat Lemon got stabbed!

(Later, Daneboe puts Democrat Lemon down as a lemon battery)

(All): Wow, the democrat has turned into lemon battery! (laughs)

Democrat Lemon: (growls) Please someone turn me into normal...

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