"Annoying Orange: Dexter's Laboratory"
Episode: 9
Airdate: January 9, 2010
Characters: Orange, Passion Fruit, Dee Dee, Dexter, Cauliflower
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Yellow Peppers or Yegg Rolls"
"Annoying Orange: Bit my Peel"

Annoying Orange annoys Dexter with Passion.


Orange: Who turned off the lights?

Passion: Who did?

(lights turn on)

Orange: Yay! Huh?

Dexter: Sorry about that, it happens every time.

Orange: Yeah, sure. Only if you had a short problem. (laughs)

Dexter: That's not funny.

Passion: Maybe it's a midget orange. (laughs)

Dexter: You guys can stop it now!

Dee Dee: Say, I wonder what this button does.

Dexter: No! Don't do i-- (boom!) Dee Dee, I think this has gone too far. I'm putting a code on my door.

Orange and Passion: How do we get out of here?

Cauliflower: Hey, guys. What's up?

Passion: Laser.

Cauliflower: Huh?

(lazer zaps Cauliflower)

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