"Annoying Orange: Duck and Amuck"
Episode: 140
Airdate: July 26, 2011
Characters: Orange, Marshmallow, Midget Apple, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Mac, Tosh, Speedy Gonzales
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Bugs Bunny'ed"
"Annoying Orange: Foghorned Leghorned"

Orange annoys Daffy Duck.


Orange: I'm hungry for soup.

Daffy Duck: I have no advice.

(slides from another slide of each character)

Marshmallow: Just give him some.

Midget Apple: Why not salad?

Tosh: Shut up, Midget Apple!

Mac: Really? Stop it, Tosh!

Speedy Gonzales: I so need to stop paying attention to this.

Yosemite Sam: Not cool!

Orange: Ummmmm... I bet Daffy is a blackberry (laughs).

Mac: Why?

Orange: It's obvious.

Tosh: You know what? Everybody just shut up, okay? This is getting annoying! Sorry, but we're still cool.

Marshmallow: Don't be harsh. I guess Daffy Duck wants to either have a pita or quacksadilla. (laughs)

Daffy Duck: Stop it!

Yosemite Sam: Yeah!

Mac: Guys, I'm getting confused here.

Daffy Duck: That's it! If you guys want to make this conversation messy, fine I'll--

Orange:Eh Eh Daffy Duck Eh

Daffy Duck:What

Orange:Are You Done Yapping For The Fruit Collection

Daffy Duck:I Do Not Know What

Orange:Hey Hey Daffy Duck Hey Daffy Duck Hey

Daffy Duck:What


Daffy Duck: What? (screams) My back's on chains! My back's ON Chains!

(Marshmallow and Midget Apple splash water on Daffy Duck)

Daffy Duck: Thanks Marshmallow, Little Apple, and Speedy. But the rest of you guys were not helping at all! (walks away)

Speedy Gonzales: Hey, guys. What's going on here?

(Mac uses Facepalm)

Orange: I'm hungry for soup.

All exept Orange: (Laughs)

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