"Annoying Orange: Elmer's Candid Orange"
Characters: Orange, Happy Rabbit, Elmer Fudd, Pear
Written by: Robert Mike Slave
Directed by: Dane Boedigheimer
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"Annoying Orange: Annoying Pacman"

Annoying Orange: Elmer's Candid Orange is Bugs Bunny's second appearance and Elmer Fudd is planing to get an animal to annoy with Orange.


Elmer has come to the country to Annoy the landscape. Happy finds him a convenient victim to harass, just for the fun of it except Orange, especially after Elmer rejects the rabbit's seemingly friendly nature. This tormenting eventually drives Elmer insane especially on orange, causing him to jump into a lake and nearly drown. Happy saves him, ensures that Elmer is all right now - and then kicks him straight back into the lake and Happy and Orange laughs one last time.


Dane Boedighemer as Orange, Pear and Elmer Fudd (only in this short)

Charles Trippy as Happy Rabbit

Annoying Orange: Elmer's Candid Orange/Transcript

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