(Start from Elmer's House]])

Elmer Fudd = ...The you find yourself a new annoying animals you can rule the park. Gosh this seems simple enough. hmm *pulls an evil grin*

Orange = then i said to Midget Apple, i said he shrunk to the frunk, hahahahahaha!

Pear = ugh! Just wish i have some peace and quit for one day! whoa, what the!

Orange = what the hack? hey, put me down, stop it *muffling and Elmer walks off*

Pear = ahh.. some peace and quit.... i'm bored!

(Elmer whistles with a bag that has orange inside)

Orange: hey put me down you thunder head! you pull out a bigger No Mouth! oh hey, i just got that! hahahahahaha! agh.. your not laughing!

(Happy sleeping and Elmer sees a rabbit and gets out an orange, bird whistles and Elmer hushes the bird, Happy wakes up and also hushes then goes to sleep. Orange and Elmer was shocked and see Happy moved and Orange talks to Elmer mostly. Happy wakes up and walks behind Elmer)

Happy Rabbit = what'd you dong? annoying elmer

Orange = and then. Yes, mr. bunny. anyways...

Happy Rabbit: hmm... can i join? (Elmer shakes his head then happy lost his smile) umm, what are you talking about?

Elmer: that orange

(Happy looks at him then he goes get an actual apple an throws it at Elmer's Head and drops Orange on the ground)

Elmer: why you! (chases Happy while happy holds Orange and tricks Elmer into go to the lake and Elmer begins to drown, calling for help. Happy and Orange wakes up and happy gets orange and goes to the lake. Orange gets Elmer's Shirt with his shirt. happy swims and made it up to the surface dry land.)

Orange: ew! Elmer's Shirt taste like a veget-Able (Laughs)

Elmer: *feel dizzy*

Happy: *to Orange* this guy is alright *kicks Elmer's butt and lands in the lake. happy and Orange laughs at Elmer and Happy throws the Annoying book at Elmer's head and Elmer gets angry.)

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