Annoying Orange: Hey there, Apples! Have you ever seen anything like this at the zoo?

(cuts into Sneezing Marshmallow)

Marshmallow: Ah-choo!
Annoying Orange Equals Annoying Orange

Orange: Aaaaaaahhhhh!

Marshmallow: I sneeze glitter! (laughing)

(Cuts back to Orange)

Orange: Wow! All I can say is that Marshmallow should be arrested for glittering! (laughs)

(cuts into Sneezing Marshmallow In slow motion)

Orange: Have you ever seen a marshmallow sneeze glitter? (arrow points to Orange)

Orange: And look at this guy.

(cuts back to Orange)

Orange: He jumped so high that, if he had feet he'd be wearing Air Force Ones. (laughs)

(cuts to Another Orange)

Another Orange: You're an apple! And that's fake and fruity.

(cuts back to Orange)

Orange: Get it? Air Force Ones?

(cuts to Another orange again)

Another Orange: Still an apple.

Orange: No, you're an apple!

Another Orange: Uh-uh, you're an apple.

Orange: Apple.

Another Orange: Apple.

Both: Apple! Apple! Apple! Apple! Apple! Apple! Apple! Apple!


Orange: Speaking of air, our next video is full of another type of gas, laughing gas. (farts and laughs)

(cuts to Orange After Dentist)

Orange: Okay, now. Okay now I. I have two fingers.

Pear: Actually, you don't have any fingers, Orange

Orange: No fingers? (screams)

Pear: Whoa! It's okay, it's okay, it's okay! You never had fingers.

(cuts back to Orange)

Orange: This guy's totally out of it. What's even better is the ending.

(cuts back to Orange After Dentist)

Orange: Hey hey, Pear.

Pear: Yes Orange?

Orange: Airbag. (airbag pops into the camera)

(Pear exclaims)

(cuts back to Orange)

Orange: Ooh. Did you see that? Right to the face.

(cuts back to Orange After Dentist)

Orange: He was all like "Oh, man this is hilarious. I'm gonna show this on the-" (Airbag pops up) Ooh surprise airbag!

(cuts back to Orange)

Orange: Now, I don't know about you but I hate it when surprise airbags happen. Your just sittin' their minding your own buisness when all of a sudden. (Airbag pops up) Ka-pa!


Orange: Now, everybody's been sending me this next video. So let's just cut to the chase.

(cuts to Kitchen Intruder)

Orange: So there's this news story about a fruit that almost gets killed, but that's not the good part. This is.

(cuts to Orange and the final part of Kitchen Intruder)

Orange singing Autotuned: He's climbin' in your windows, Choppin' your people up. Choppin', choppin'. So you better hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, And hide yo' husbands cause' he's slicin' everybody out there. You don't have to come and confess. We're lookin' for you. We're gonna find you. We're gonna find you. So, you can run and tell that, run and tell that, run and tell that. Knife, knife, knife, knife, knife.

(cuts back to Orange)

Orange: Whoa! That guy's crazy! I'd hate to have him on my bad side. He'd probabaly give me a fruit punch. (laughs)


Orange: So what do you get when you cross a unicorn, an orange, and a rainbow? A fruit with a rainbow uni-brow!

(cuts to Another Orange with a rainbow unibrow on his forehead)

Another Orange: Lame.

Orange: Not only that, you also get our last video.

(cuts to Orange meets Charlie The Unicorn)

Orange and Marshmallow: Hey, Charlie, wake up, it's a rainbow!

Charlie the Unicorn: God you guys. This better be freakin' important. Is the kitchen on fire again?

Marshmallow: We have to see the rainbow!

Orange: Yeah, we have to go get the pot of gold! Come on, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, let's go!

Charlie: Pot of gold. Sure. I'm going back to sleep now.

Marshmallow: No, Charlie! (Marshmallow jumps on Charlie's stomach and starts jumping up and down) You have to get up and take us to the rainbow!

Charlie: Please stop jumping on me.

(Marshmallow continues to jump up and down)

Orange: Yeah, I want my pot of gold, Charlie. Let's go! Hurry!

Marshmallow: I love rainbows and puppies and kittens and flowers and rainbows and clouds and bunnies and rainbows!

Charlie: Alright, fine! I'll go with you to see the rainbow.

(cuts back to Orange)

Orange: Wow! Rainbows have magical powers! But, you know what else has magical powers? Our comment question of the day which comes from a user named Rockinrutabega.

(cuts to Rockinrutabaga)

Rockinrutabaga: Um, like if you were stuck on an island with only one fruit, who would it be and why?

(cuts back to Orange)

Orange: So, if you were stuck on an island with one fruit on it, who would it be and why? Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comment section (slow-motion voice) below.


Orange: (normal voice) Thanks for watching today's episode of Equals Annoying Orange. I'm Annoying Orange and I approve this burp. (burps and laughs) So tell me apples, if elephants are microwaves what are alligators?

(cuts to Orange dancing and above shows various comments answering the question while it plays "Juicin' your fruit" by Peter Coffin)

(Cuts to Orange meets Charlie the Unicorn)

Orange: Hey! Hey Charlie!

Charlie: What?

Orange: Knife!

Charlie: Oh, god! Right in the other kidney!

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