Annoying Orange: Fate of the Mortals is the upcoming action/adventure animation drama movie scheduled to release in 2018. The plot focuses on Annoying Orange's story at the end of humanity. Everyone is dead, and the immortal Annoying Orange must find a way to restore balance and life in the universe.


When the aliens arrived, no human saw it coming. Humanity has been eradicated from the universe, and other worlds are threatened in the process. Annoying Orange, one of the only survivors on Earth, have remorse for being so annoying, and he wishes that he could apologize.

Annoying Orange wandered the wastelands of what used to be Washington D.C., along the way fighting wasteland thieves and scavengers. Then, hope arrived.

An abandoned alien spacecraft has been uncovered by Annoying Orange when he was searching for scrap metal. In the spaceship was the dead body of Pear, whom was holding a grocery shopping list. At this point, Orange lamented the memory of his comrade.

With a little bit of handiwork, Orange got the ship back into workable condition. With the ship now at his disposal, hew left Earth and traveled into the deep, infinitesimal nature of outer space. Orange then traveled to the alien home-world, where he used the Intergalactic Seed Cannon to destroy the entire planet. However, this was not the end.

Orange's spacecraft was hit by an energy blast from an unknown source, causing it to crash land on a lush alien jungle world. Orange is now stranded on a hostile world. Will he survive?

Cast & Crew

Creator- Daneboe

Director- Fred Durst

Producer- George Lucas


Passionfruit- Megan Fox

Pear- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Apple- Steve Jobs (Played by Paul Walker)

Alien Leader- Martin van Buren

President of the US- Eddie Murphy

Wario- Charles Martinet

William Henry Harrison- William Henry Harrison

Computer Virus- Bill Gates

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