"Annoying Orange: Foghorned Leghorned"
Episode: 141
Airdate: July 27, 2011
Characters: Orange, Pear, Shelly, Grandpa Lemon, Grapefruit, Foghorn Leghorn, Henry Hawk, Sylvester Cat, Tasmanian Devil, Gossamer, Pepe Le Pew, Giant Rodrick
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Duck and Amuck"
"Annoying Orange: Tom, Jerry, and Orange"

Annoying Orange meets the rest of the Looney Tunes characters but a mystery cameo has no line for this episode.


Orange: (babbling at the tone of Bad Romance)

Henry Hawk: What are you saying?

Foghorn Leghorn: It's that I have to give you grilled chicken instead.

Henry Hawk: All I want is fried chicken that is crispy.

Foghorn Leghorn: We're at a farm. You really think that there's oil, broccoli, and Black Eyed Peas at our house?

Henry Hawk: Dude, Sylvester has a house with all that stuff. We just can't go ther--

Orange: Hey, Chicken Little and his dad!

Sylvester: You moron! That's Foghorn Leghorn and Chickenhaw--

Henry Hawk: Henry Hawk!

Shelly: Oh, sure. Now Sylvester, you just called Orange a moron when he's not, you idiot!

Grandpa Lemon: Skip it! (snores)

Grapefruit: What he’s talking about?

Tasmanian Devil: Fried Chicken.

Pepe Le Pew: Hey, guys. What's going on?

Henry Hawk: I don't know Foghorn Leghorn is a chicken that won't cross the road. (laughs)

Foghorn Leghorn: I though you wanted to-- (growls) This is getting irritating!

Orange: Foghorn Leghorn sure has a giant (babbles like chicken)

Foghorn Leghorn: Shut Up!

(Gossamer Laughing)

Grapefruit: ???

Sylvester: Okay, guys. I'll prepare some nachos, popcorn chicken, baked potatoes...

Gossamer: Chocolate Brownies, pizza, burgers, and in case of an accident of nachos, mac and cheese.

Pepe Le Pew: And Tomato Soup with Basil.

20 minutes later...

Foghorn Leghorn: Okay guys. Since we can't fit everything in there, we're i say, making the nachos in the barn.

Orange: Hey, Foghorn, Hey

Foghorn Leghorn: WHAT???!!!!

Orange: Life Overload.

Foghorn Leghorn: No! I'm not gonna I say, I say, I say not gonna I say, I say, I say (continues saying "I say")

Pear: Oh My God.

Foghorn Leghorn: I SAY, I SAY, I SAY, I SAY, I SAY, I SAY, I SAY, I SAY, I SAY, I SAY, I SAY (blows into feathers due to to maxinum strength of forgetfulness)

Orange: All of you guys are mean. Especially you, Sylvester.

Henry Hawk: What did Pepe do?

Orange: I don't matter. Hey guys and Gossamer!

All Looney Tunes characters in the episode: What!?

Orange: Cheese sauce.

(barn makes a cheese explosion and splats to Looney Tunes characters in the episode)

(everyone screams in agony except Fanon Annoying Orange Main Characters say, Ouch! That could've hurt!)

Henry Hawk: The spicyness burns!

(Giant Rodrick picks up Pepe Le Pew and throws him like a paper airplane)

Pepe Le Pew: (screams while falling then lands at Bugs Bunny's house)

Gossamer: (agony) Oh no! Pepe Le Pew has to go to the hospital!

Sylvester: Wait, guys! (scared) OH MY GOD! THE EXPLOSION HASN'T ENDED YET!

(everyone screams, barn explodes and everyone goes flying to the lake near the farm)

At the hospital...

Pepe Le Pew: Where am I? Am I still alive? Yes! Is that a witch (mystery cameo)!? (screams)

Shelly; I hope they're all ok. Wait, where's Pepe?

Fruity Question of the Day

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Behind the Scenes Transcript

Foghorn Leghorn: This is amazing. I've always wanted to be in an Annoying Orange video. It's awesome.

(cuts to Orange)

Orange: Hey, Sylvester. I bet you can't do this. (babbles with tongue)

Sylvester: I wanted to be splash into something I like. This is the best episode ever.

Shelly: I thought that this was usually real.

Gossamer: No.

Shelly: Yes.

Gossamer: Ok. It was real to you.

Pepe Le Pew: Aw, I wanted the flying to be real.

Henry Hawk: (Plays Heavy Metal Music to Heavy Metal Screaming)

Foghorn Leghorn: Henry is obsessed with chicken. I have to let him eat grilled.

Shelly: This is what I say to Grapefruit. (plays Heavy Metal Music to Heavy Metal Screaming)

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