Cheez-It: I was tasting some paprika, then we became best friends.

Orange: You were friends with Paprika?

Cheez-It: Well, one-sided but not anymore. We became best buddies.

Salt: With Paprika, I'm not with good terms.

Cheez-It: Salt, I know you are not good terms with Paprika but he is my main bestie.

Salt: Well, I heard you tasted some of Paprika when he was in the floor.

(title card)

Orange: (beatboxing)

Pear: (annoyed) Please! Stop doing that!

Orange: Come on Pear! Don't you like my fresh beats? (laughs)

Pear: (groans)

Orange: Whoa, who are you?

French Fry: I'm a French Fry.

Orange: Bonjour!

French Fry: Orange, I'm not from France.

Cheez-It: Well, the name French Fry means it.

Salt: Whoa, buddy! What about if I spread some salt on you!

French Fry: I don't have salt, and I don't need salt!

Orange: Hey French Fry!

French Fry: Hey can-it, fruit for brains!

Orange: Can you touch your eyeball with your tounge?

French Fry: No!

Orange: Like this! Errl...

French Fry: I can't do that.

Pear: Come on, Orange. Try and lay off the guy.

Orange: Almost!

French Fry: (getting angry) Stop putting your eyeball with your tounge!

Orange: Do bubbles with spit!

French Fry: (now angry) NO, ITS VERY DISCUSTING! (growls)

Orange: Oh my god, he is going to blow!

French Fry: (growling in rage)

Orange: Hey French Fry!

French Fry: WHAT?!?!?!

Orange: Ninja Fruit!

(Ninja Fruit squashes on French Fry)

Cheez-It: Wow, that's some Ninja Baby!

Salt: Your right, Cheez-It!

Ninja Fruit: Did someone say Ninja Baby?

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