Orange meets the mysterious Leonardo DiCapri-Sun who tells him he is in a dream, but is he?


Orange: Nyah nya nya nya nya!

Leonardo: Orange, you must awake from your dream to save your friends for they are falling victim to the mass villain Fruity Krueger and you are the only fruit in the kitchen who can save them

Orange: What about Jelly?


Leonardo: Orange, you are in a dream and must awake to save your friends, in the real world Jelly doesn't exist

Orange: Then how do I awake from this dream?

Leonardo: You must go into a dream and locate the straw to unlock the key to the next dream

Orange: So, I go into a dream to get into a dream to get into a dream? Nyah nya...

Leonardo: STOP! Fruity Krueger could of killed all of your friends by now. You must dream

Orange dreams and it fades into a land of toasters and spoons.

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