plot - Orange annoys Sorry with his new friends and the gang. transcript - Orange - hey, hey sorry. Sorry - what. Pear - hey Sorry. Sorry - what is it. Miget Apple - get your game annoyed [laughs] Sorry - do not do it, don't you dare. Marshmallow - yay, i love games [giggles] Zamboni - lets do it. Buddy - wait, we love games to, right Tiny. Tiny - yeah, lets play. Kai - orange, you can do it. Orange - hey, hey Sorry, hey Sorry hey. Sorry what do you want. Orange - People. Sorry - what, [screaming] Orange - whoa, talk about gaming [laughs] ohhh hey, hey Bobert. Bobert - what. Orange - Cyber - Zilla. Bobert - oh no. [Cyber Zilla breathes flames burning him to death] Orange - oh my god, that's gonna hurt.

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