Orange: Hey, pear!

Pear: What?

Orange: Of you rhyme with hair, why don't you have any? (Laughs then babbles tounge)

Pear: Oh, that's it!

Radicchio: What's what?

Pear: (motions to Orange)

Radicchio:Oh, him! Yeah he gets on my nerves too.

Pear: What about you Knife?

Knife: (flashback from No More Mr. Knife Guy shows) Yeah, that guy is so annoying! We should kill him.

Pear: Yeah!

Orange: Hey! Riddiculous Radicchio!

Radicchio: No, no more listening to you!

Orange: Hey, Radicchio that's riddculous!

Radicchio: SHUT UP!

Knife: Yeah, quit it Orange.

Pear: Same here!

Orange: Hey! Riddiculous Radicchio! You don't belong here!

Raddicchio: Why?

Orange: You don't have- Knife!

Raddichio: AHHH!

Pear: Knife, how could you turn against us?

Knife: We can't kill him, he's been on that counter for 3 years. He'll stay forever. Don't get on his bad side or I'll come! Go back to being his friend Pear.

Pear: Oh great.

Orange: Hey, Pear!

Pear: What?

Orange: (Burps) You need hair! (Laughs)


Orange (Semi-Major)

Pear (Major)

Radicchio (Semi-Major)

Knife (Semi-Major)

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