"Annoying Orange: Homestar Runner"
Airdate: Setember 15, 2011
Characters: Orange, Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, The Cheat, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, Bubs, Coach Z, Marizpan, Homesar, Marshie, The King of Town, The Poopsmith, The Goblin
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"Annoying Orange: Trollin' AGAIN!"
"Annoying Orange: Dr. Orange"

Orange returns to Homestar Runner to annoy all of the Homestar Runner characters.


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(Orange is back at The Field)

(Homestar and Pom Pom walk near Orange)

Homestar: Hey, Pom Pom who's that?

Pom Pom: (bubbles)

Homestar: You mean he's an Orange?

Orange: Hey, Marshmallow and Lemon!

Homestar: And it just talked!

Pom Pom: (bubbles)

Homestar: What's that Pom Pom? The Orange just said he called us names.

Orange: Yeah! I know how to Marsh around the place! (laughs)

Homestar: Uh yeah, my name's Homestar Runner and this is my friend Pom Pom.

Orange: Is his name Pom Pom because he is made of Pom Poms? (laughs)

Homestar: Go away and do something like annoy Strong Bad.

Orange: You mean Egg Bad? I annoyed him.

Homestar: Then do it again!

Orange: Fine.

(Orange is in The House of Strong in Strong Bad's room)

(Orange is with The Cheat)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Yellow Guy! Hey, Yellow Guy, hey!

The Cheat: Meh..

Orange: Hey Yellow Guy can you spit seeds?

The Cheat: Meh.

Orange: Like this!

(Orange spits a seed at The Cheat)

The Cheat: Meh!

The Cheat: (throws a Bust at Orange)

Orange: Owwwwww. How do you throw statues?

The Cheat: Meeeh Meh.

Strong Bad: What the crap is going on?

The Cheat: Meh Meh Meh.

Strong Bad: The Cheat what do you mean.. That Orange again!

Orange: Hey Egg Bad!

Strong Bad: Aww Crap.

Orange: Hey Egg Bad what's with the yellow guy.

Strong Bad: That's my pet The Cheat and I'm freakin' Strong Bad for the last time!

Orange: Oh sorry Stong Bad.

Strong Bad: Strong Bad.

Orange: Stong Bad.

Strong Bad: IT'S STRONG BAD OKAY! Go find someone else to annoy like my little brother.

(Orange is with Strong Sad)

Orange: Hey! Hey, fat elephant!

Strong Sad: I'm not an elephant.

Orange: Ya you do!

Strong Sad: No it's my legs.

Orange: Yeah you do.

Strong Sad: Will get out and annoy Strong Mad?

(Orange is with Strong Mad)

Orange: Hey, hey Hulk!

Strong Mad: MAKE HIM STOP!

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