"Annoying Orange: Hot Dog Alert"
[[Image:Annoying Orange Hot Dog Alert|center|240px]]
Episode: 79
Airdate: October 5, 2012
Characters: Orange, Pear, Passion Fruit, Marshmallow, Shelly, Midget Apple, Nancy Nectarine, Grandpa Lemon, Haloweenie, Hot Dogs, IPod, Knife
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"Annoying Orange: Mr. Men"


Orange: (babbles tounge) (groans) Oh.

Pear: What's the matter orange?

Orange: (groans) I'm bored.

Pear: That's OK.

Passion Fruit: Hey what's going on.

Pear: Orange's bored.

IPod: Wazzzzup!

Pear: Stop that orange is not in that mood today Ipod

Ipod: Sorry Pear

Marshmallow: Yay I love unicorns.

Shelly: Want a soda Midget Apple?

Midget Apple: I do!

Grandpa Lemon: (snoring)

Nancy Nectarine: Come on Grandpa Lemon it's not time to sleep.

Grandpa Lemon: Huh?? What??

Orange: (laughs) That's funny

Pear: Orange your annoying again.

All: (laughs)

Haloweenie: No time for laughter cause your gonna die, Kill them.

Hot Dogs: Yes, Yes your master.

Ipod: (screams while getting killed).

Mama Orange: Yo what's cracking.

Mama Orange and Orange: (laughs)

Orange: Knife.

Mama Orange: (yelping while knife slices her in half)

Pear: Whoa!

Knife: Hey! Thanks Orange! Oh Crap!! I Did It Again.

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