Orange: Is it getting too cold in here?

Thermometer: Uh yes! I'm feeling it too!

Orange: Make sure you don't freeze yourself (laughs)

(Daneboe puts Chocolate on the counter)

Chocolate: WHAT?

(Daneboe puts Vanilla on the counter)

Vanilla: I'm just saying, it is really cool and dark in here...

Orange: Geez, you guys really need to "chew out". (laughs)

Chocolate: Uh.. why is that?

Orange: Because you only stay in the cold! (laughs)

Chocolate: Of course ice creams need to stay in the cold! If they got heat up, they will melt!

Orange: Geez, you'll become slimy. (laughs)

Chocolate: Oh, just shut up.

Vanilla: This is really cold in here.

Orange: Hey, ice cream boxes! Are you two related to Cherry and Blue?

(record scratch)

Chocolate: What?

Orange: The juice boxes! Cherry and Blue!


Orange: Oh, I got it! Cherry! Blue!

Both Juice Boxes: WHAT?!

Orange: Straw!

(Juice Boxes screaming)

Chocolate: What are you talking about? That was juice boxes you idiot!

Orange: So, you got so big from the juice boxes?

Chocolate: No.

Orange: Nah, you must be! (laughs)

Chocolate: That does it! Pear! Is this guy always annoying?

Pear: Seriously, I'd never seen this guy before.

Chocolate: Oh Come on! I saw you two are usually together, but how could you..

Pear: No!

Vanilla: So, that's a Pear?

Chocolate: Yes.

Pear: Who's that?

Vanilla: I'm Vanilla.

Orange: Hey, hey Ice Cream Boxes!

Vanilla: Can we go back to the fridge now?

Chocolate: We don't even have legs!

Orange: What's the matter? Trying to escape? (laughs)

Chocolate: Wait, why are you laughing?

Orange: Why am I laughing?

Chocolate: Because it's go "Heeheehaha! Heeheehaha!" (continues)

Vanilla: (follows what Chocolate was doing)

Orange: (laughs)

(Everyone except Pear continue to laugh)

Pear: Hey! Hey! Hey! Shut up! Shut up already!

Chocolate: STOP IT!!

(Everyone stops)

Chocolate: No more laughing alright? We're not doing this anymore.

Vanilla: Yes, it's really annoying.

Chocolate: Err...Midget Apple?

Midget Apple (off-screen): HEY!! THAT'S LITTLE APPLE!!!

Chocolate: Nobody Cares!!

Pear: Good telling.

Orange: (groans) But I like laugh.

Both ice cream boxes: No more laughing!

Orange: Aw, what I can do after telling a joke? Maybe guffaw or chuckles or giggle, but's that's related to laughing! Uh, Chocolate, Vanilla..

Both ice cream boxes: WHAT?!?!

Orange: Scooper!

(Daneboe opens Chocolate's head)

Chocolate: OH NO!! MY HEAD!!!

(Daneboe opens Vanilla's head)

Vanilla: My beautiful head! NO!!

(Daneboe scoops the ice cream inside the boxes and put them on two cones)

(Daneboe puts the ice cream boxes back into the fridge)

Orange: Yikes! They really got scooped up! (laughs) You're not laughing, Pear!

Pear: (sighs)

Vanilla cone: This is the WORST. DAY. EVER!!!

Chocolate cone: You said it.

Orange: Don't worry. It could be worse!

Chocolate cone: How?

Orange: Tounge!

(Both cones get licked, they scream)

Orange: if they're getting licked, they must be in a fight! Hahahahaha!

Pear: Oh, man.

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