Buddy creates an armored machine for his revenge on Orange and his friends.


Orange: Storm, Storm, Storm, Storm, Storm! Hahahaha!

Pear: Woah, its really stormy outside.

Passion Fruit: Yeah, and the thunder is so loud I couldn't sleep!

(Midget Apple playing poker with Grapefruit)

Midget Apple: Hmm... Give me 3 cards..

Grapefruit: No way! These are mine baby apple!

Midget Apple: You need to do it! And Its little apple!

Grapefruit: (grunts) Here! Take it!

Midget Apple: I only asked for 3 cards...

Grapefruit: If you don't want it than give it back Mr. Midget!

Midget Apple: Here, and its little apple!

Grapefruit: Haha! 6 of spades! I win!

Midget Apple: 7 of Spades! Now I win!

Grapefuit: Grr!!!

Darwin: Wow, its really stormy and poor out there.

Droid Pilot: Yeah , I wonder when someone operates my Separatist Speeder.

Gikogilar: Could you please come over here? I'm softening my wings and my tail.

Garchomp: Shh! I'm making a video here!

Orange: Ooh! I wanna see it!

Garchomp: Uhh...

Orange: Please, please, please, please, please, please, ple...

Garchomp: Okay okay! Sheesh!

Orange: Yaaayy!!!

Garchomp: Here's my video of Mario

Orange: Your video rocks!

Garchomp: Thank goodness!

Mario: Uhh... The storms freeking me out man!

Golden Apple: Oh don't be such a baby!

Turnip: I'm not a baby! (cries)

Golden Apple: Okay, okay! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Turnip: Okay...

Pumpkin: Hi, mind if I join in? Its really rainy outside.

Chillie, Harbanero and Jolokia: Us too!

Orange: Woah! The kitchen's crowded!

Storm Elite: Me too?

Orange: Woah! Its the Covenant!

Storm Elite: Dude, I'm a Storm Elite.

Blueberry: Could you guys be quite already ? I'm reading the news!

Cherry: Yeah!

Raspberry: You said it!

Orange: Only nerds read news! hahahaha!

Blueberry: Grr!!!

(screen moves to snowball and ice cube cooling down at the air conditioner)

Snowball and Ice Cube: ...

Orange: Woah! Your the whitest fruit I ever seen!

Snowball and Ice Cube: ...

Orange: That guy looks like a square. He could be a lawner!

Golden Apple: Uhh... Why's that?

Orange: He'll solve crimes Fair and Square! hahaha!

Snowball and Ice Cube: ...

Tomato: Uh, oh. Looks like the storm's just above us!

Orange: Wow! We're happy tree friends! Hahaha!

Oak Tree: Hey! At least you don't have to sit outside the house and be blown by the storm!

Orange: Hey, maybe your pet dog can keep you company!

Oak Tree: Who?

Orange: You know, the one that barks! hahahaha!

Oak Tree: Not funny!

Orange: Hey Ugly!

Rose: How could you say that!? I'm one of the most beautiful flowers you...

Orange: Whatever, even if you can get to the point your not really sharp! Hahaha!

Rose: Grr!!!

Mangosteen: Hmm...

Orange: Hey eggplant! Whatcha reading?

Mangosteen: It says here if your in a storm with loud thunder, you not suppose to hold metal...


Orange: Ahh! That was shocking!

Mangosteen: Okay! No one touch anything metal!

Orange: (while biting a spoon) Like this spoon?

Mangosteen: Orange! Put it down!

Orange: Okay! ( Spits spoon on Golden Apple )

Golden Apple: Oh... You just had to do that didn't you?!

Orange: Mangosteen was the one who told me too! Hahaha!


Golden Apple: Aww... F...

(Golden Apple gets zapped by lightning and explodes)

Orange: Uh!

(spoon lands on rose)

Rose: Aaaaaa!!!!


Rose: Noo...

(Rose gets struck by lightning and explodes)

Orange: Uhh! That wasn't pretty! Hahaha!

Darwin: See, I'm scared of thunder!

(Lightnng strikes again and Darwin gets even more scared)

Droid Pilot: Woah!

Gikogilar: This is not good!

(Grapefruit bumps into pumpkin pushing him down)

Pumpkin: Woah! Watch out Cherry, Blueberry and raspberry!

Cherry: Aaahh!!!

Cherry and Blueberry: Aaaaa!!!

Cherry, Blueberry and Raspberry: Aaaaaah!!!!

(Pumpkin runs over Cherry, Blueberry and Raspberry squashing and killing them and thunder rumbles)


(Pumpkin finnaly stops and bumps into grapefruit)

Droid Pilot: OH NO!

Gikogilar: UH OH!

Orange: Uhh guys...

(A giant, armored monster appears and roars)

Darwin: AAAAAAH!

Droid Pilot: OH MY GOD!



(Oak Tree gets cut down)

Orange: Woah! Timber!!!

(Oak Tree lands into the ground,  then Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Storm Elite, Darwin, Droid Pilot, Gikogilar, Garchomp, & Mario run away from the evil creature)


(The spice rack above Chili, Jolokia and Harbanero's nails are getting loose)

Jolokia: Uh Oh...

(One side of the spice rack tips to the right squashing and killing Chili)

(Screen shows Pepper, Honey, Salt, Beer and Mayonaise on the spice rack)

Orange: HIDE!

Beer : Noo!

Pepper: Woah! Woooaah!!

Honey: Aaahh!!!

Mayonaise: Nononononono!

(Salt falls and breaks on the floor first)

Honey: Aaah!!

Pepper: Noo!!!

(Pepper falls and breaks too)

Honey: No! Why me next! Noo!!!

(Honey Falls and breaks, too)

Beer: No! I don't wanna die! Noo!!!

(Beer falls onto the ground and breaks)

Mayonaise: Woah! Woah!

Jolokia: No! No! Balance it Mayonaise! Don't fall!

Harbanero: Yeah! You can do it Mayonaise! Just hold on!

Mayonaise: Woah! Woo.. Yeah! I'm alive! I'm alive!

Harbanero: Yeah!

Jolokia: Now thats what I'm talking about!

(The other screw of the the spice rack got loose)

Jolokia: Uh oh...

(the spice rack falls swashing Jolokia and Harbanero as well as make Mayonaise fall off and fall on the floor and break)

Orange: Woah! I knew the spice rack would screw up! Hah

Darwin: WHAT THE?


Darwin: Ugh.....

Ceiling Lamp: Uh oh, I think I'm gonna fall!


Ceiling Lamp: Woah, woah! Aaaah!!!

Droid Pilot: Uh oh...

(ceiling lamp falls on the floor)

Mario: Oh No!

(Garchomp and Pear put an empty jar on top of a mini drawbridge)

Mario: Ugh! Aaa!!

(Mario is just near Orange)

Mario: Get out of here you monster!

(Mario is still alive)

Mario: Yes! I'm still alive!

Pumpkin: Woah! Thats so messed up!

Storm Elite: Yeah!

(Fire ignited the box of fireworks)

Pumpkin: Uh oh...

Storm Elite: It's Water Time, Fire!

(Storm Elite throws a bucket of water to stop the fire from igniting)

Orange: Too late...

(Fireworks explode killing pumpkin, then Storm Elite survived)

Orange: Woah! This reminds me of you Pear!

Pear: Why?

Orange: Because I heard there was a song called fireworks made by Katy Perry! Hahahaha!

Katy Perry: Where am I?

Orange : Hey Katy Perry!

Katy Perry: Yes orange?

Orange: Ceiling...

(The ceiling above Katy Peary crumbles and falls on Katy Perry)

Mangosteen: Dude! When will this killing thing stop?

Orange: Nu'uh! I wanna get the killing spree achievement! Hahahaha!

Darwin: Hey Monster!

Monster: What?

Orange: Jar!

Monster: Huh?

(A jar fell on his head, & he falls down & explodes, revealing the bad guy that was inside him)

Orange: Woah...

Darwin: YAY!

Droid Pilot: WE DID IT!

Gikogilar: IT'S A MIRACLE!

Garchomp: Woah.. Okay, who's left?

Mario: Wait a minute It's not a monster, It's Buddy, he created a robot monster!


Orange: Guess what.

Buddy: What?

Orange: Mechazords!

Buddy: Huh? Aaaah!!

(Buddy gets attacked by the Mechazords)

Orange: Whoa, Talk About 'Dino' Robots(Laughs)

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