Orange meets the king of fruits and annoys him, until... Darwin came by a banshee and Apple announces that Durian is his brother. When Darwin is in peril, Elite Zealot came to the rescue and battled demon souls.


Orange: (singing) Your from a whole other world, a different dimension. You open eyes and I'm ready to go, let me into to the light! (laughs)

Pear: Well, orange? Apple announces his brother.

Darwin: yay!

(drum roll)

Apple: Ladies and Gentlefruit, Meet my brother, Durian the King of Fruits!

Orange and Pear: Yay!

Durian: Well, this kitchen is my crown, Orange!

Orange: Hey, hey, spiky ball!

Durian: I'm not a spiky ball! I'm Durian, because there's smurfs over there!

Orange: Huh?

Pear: Because there's smurfs over here.

Darwin: Help!

Elite Zealot: Do not worry fish who grew legs, I will save you!

Smurf 3: Lame, And E.T. did it first.

Orange: Yeah! I was born this year ago, when turnip is a cry baby!

Turnip: Orange, don't look at me! (Turnip sobs)

Durian: Love it! Want to stop crying, Turnip?

Turnip: Yeah!

Sweetsop: Yep! There was a cat sound in my backyard!

Durian: I know that Starfruit plays a game that's yucky and grossy!

Orange: Ooh! What does Starfruit plays a game called?

Durian: (growled) I don't know?

Skunk: Yes, Mr. Durian. You don't leave this!

Orange: Starfruit does play a game called What's in Ned's Head!

Papaya: Looks like a spider! Gross!

Starfruit: Yes, Papaya! It looks like a spider to me! (chuckles)

Apple: Nothing is wrong to you!

Skunk: Yeah, buddy! I am trying to you!

Elite Zealot: Oh no! Darwin!

Papaya: Looks like trouble!

Darwin: Elite Zealot, my flippers are chained!

Elite Zealot: i have a plasma knife!

Darwin: You're going to set me free?

Elite Zealot: Yes!

Darwin: (stays still while Elite Zealot breaks the chains)

Marshmallow: (laughs)

Darwin: I'm free! and durian, knife.

Durian: What!

Durian: (gets chopped by a knife and screams)

Marshmallow and Darwin: (scream)

Orange: Uugh! Talk about a "break opener".

Skunk: (chuckling) Yep! Talk about a "break opener". Get it?

(Skunk sprays Orange in his face)

Orange: Whoa!

Papaya, Darwin, Marshmallow, and Smurf 3: (laughing)

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