Orange is by himself in the kitchen, until Avocado comes along...


  • (the title card "Lizzard-berry" comes up)
  • Orange:La, la, la, la, la, la! B-b-b-b-b-b-b-booooooooooreed!(laughs) Uhh. I'm bored.
  • (daneboe drops down Avocado)
  • Orange:Woah!
  • Avocado:Thanks alot, I'm sick of being carried all over the place.
  • Orange:Woah! It's Lizard-berry!
  • Avocado:What?
  • Orange:Hey! Hey, Lizzard-berry! Hey!
  • Avocado:I'm not a lizzard-berry.
  • Orange:Hey Lizzard-berry!
  • Avocado:Dude, I'm not a lizzard-berry! My name is Avocado.
  • Orange:(laughs) Ah-vuh-cod-oh? (laughs)
  • Avocado:Dude, don't start!
  • Orange:Ah-vuh-cod-oh?
  • Avocado:Don't start. Look, that's pretty stupid okay?
  • Orange:Hey! Hey Avocado!
  • Avocado:Yes?
  • Orange:(farts, then laughs)
  • Avocado:That was disgusting!
  • Orange:Hey, Avocado! Wanna see a trick?
  • Avocado:Not really.
  • Orange:(burps, and laughs)
  • Avocado:You're annoying!
  • Orange:Hey, Avocado!
  • Avocado:Shut it!
  • Orange:Hey-
  • Avocado:Shut-
  • Orange:Hey-
  • Avocado:Eh-
  • Orange:Av-
  • Avocado:No!
  • Orange:Hey!
  • Avocado:Shut-
  • Orange:Hey-
  • Avocado:Be quiet!
  • Orange:Avocado-
  • Avocado:Shut up!
  • (silence for about 4 seconds)
  • Orange:Hey! Hey,Lizard-berry! Hey!
  • Avocado:Hey! For the last time, I'm not a lizard-berry.
  • Orange:Hey, Lizzard-berry!
  • Avocado:What?!
  • Orange:Knife.
  • (daneboe picks up Avocado and peels him)
  • Avocado:Aaaahhhh!!!
  • Orange:Woah, that guy's gonna be dino-sore in the morning! (laughs) Ooh, ow!
  • (Daneboe cuts Out Avocado's avocado pit)
  • Avocado Pit:Free Willy!
  • Orange:What the heck?
  • Avocado Pit:Hey, how's it going?
  • (both start screaming)
  • (the episode ends)Season

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