Annoying Orange: Lost Galaxy: Is An Upcoming 2-Hour Special Of The Annoying Orange Coming On June 21, 2013.

Teaser 1

The Official Website For The Special Was Released On June 1, 2012, Along Alongside A Teaser Trailer Attacted To Snow White And The Huntsman, And A Debut Poster:

Annoying orange lost galaxy poster 1

Teaser 2

After A Discovery Teaser Trailer Released And An Official Announcment Planned, The Site Was Updated August 3, 2012, Alongside A Second Teaser Trailer Released Online And A New Poster:

Annoying orange lost galaxy poster 2

Teaser 3

The Site Was Updated Once More On November 1, 2012, Along With Another Trailer Attatched To Rise Of The Guardians Featuring Mass Midget (Midget Apple's Decendant) And Another Poster:

Annoying orange lost galaxy poster 3

Official Announcment

The Site Was Updated One Last Time On December 30, 2012, As Well As The Official Announcment Released January 9, 2013, Hosted By NASA Astronaut Don Pettit, Showing The Audiance How Gravity Works With Fruit And Vegtables. One Last Theatrical Trailer Was Released March 29, 2013, Alongside 5 Character Trailers Being Released Starting April 11, 2013 And Another Poster:

Annoying orange lost galaxy poster 4


On December 15, 2012, It Was Announced The Special Will Sponsored By Samsung Galaxy Note. Twentieth Century Fox Will Handle Theatrical Rights While There Are Also Venues For McDonalds, Super Bowl 2013, Dunkin' Dounuts, IMAX, Vidcon 2013, ect.


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