Orange: Hey, Hey Milkball, Hey!

Cantaloupe: (growls) For The Last Time, I'm Not A Milkball!

Orange: Milkball, Hey!

Cantaloupe: WHAT!?

Orange: Knife.

Cantaloupe: (screaming while getting chopped up)

Orange: Poor Milkball, He Should Have Gone "Cowed Up" In The Morning. (laughs) Ow.

(wormhole opens)

Pear: Whoa!

Orange: Yikes! Everybody Just "Worm" Up! (laughs)

Midget Apple: That's It Guys! We're Going In!

Pear: What?

Shelly: So All Of You Five Are Going Into This Wormhole For EXACTLY Nothing?

Pear: You're Wrong, Shelly! There Is Something Down....

(Liam's Claw Reaches Cheez-It)

Cheez-It: Help Me!!

Orange: Whoa! Talk About A Handout! (laughs)

Passion Fruit: Oh My God! What's Going On Here?

Grapefruit: Oh! Cheez-It's Gone! I'm Ruined!

Pear: THAT'S IT!! We're Going In!

Marshmallow: Yay! I Love Space!

Pear: Let's Go!

(Orange And The Gang Go Into The Wormhole)

(Wormhole Closes)

Passion Fruit: Wow. I'm Going Back To Bed.

(Orange Transforms Into Super Orange)

(Pear Transforms Into PZ-R)

(Midget Apple Transforms Into Mass Midget)

(Grapefruit Transforms Into Terrance The Grapefruit)

(Marshmallow Transforms Into Tanookmallow)

(Angry Birds Space Origins Short Movie Theme Song Playing)

(Liam Flies Out Of The Wormhole)

(The Pack Chase Liam For Cheez-It, But The Scene Freezes Via A Flash)

(Super Orange's Flashshot)

(PZ-R's Flashshot)

(Mass Midget's Flashshot)

(Tanookmallow's Flashshot)

(Terrance The Grapefruit's Flashshot)

(Title Card)

(Liam Flies Into His Ship)

Apple Troop: (groans) Why Is Captain Liam Taking So Long!?

Liam The Leprechaun: (lands) Alright Troopies, Let's Settle Down And Cut To The Chase.

Apple Troop: Commander, Any Sign Of Them Super-Dorks Yet?

Liam The Leprechaun: Super-Dorks? (laughs) Oh, That's Right! It's Orangey Orange!

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