Orange: Hey, hey! Wrinkley Melon!

Bitter Gourd: I told you, it's bitter gourd!

Pear: Orange, please stop annoying that bitter gourd.

Bitter Gourd: Pear, do something to make him leave the kitchen!

Pear: Alright.

(Meanwhile, Pear created a robot version of Orange)

Pear: (after finishing creating the robot) There, all done!

Midget Apple: Whoa! Cool! Why did you create that robot for?

Pear: I want to stop Orange from being annoying to other fruits, because Bitter Gourd told me to do so. And I'm gonna call him, Mecha Orange!

Mecha Orange: (starts to move) Hello, my name is Mecha Orange. What's your name?

Pear: My name is Pear. And this is Midget Apple.

Midget Apple: That's Little Apple!

(The next day)

Orange: Hey, hey! Wrinkley Melon!

Bitter Gourd: Not talking to you. Get lost!

Orange: What's the matter? Feeling a bit bitter to talk to me? (laughs)

Bitter Gourd: Oh my god! I can't take it anymore! Somebody please.. Hey Pear! Nice Robot!

Pear: I made this robot to make Orange leave the kitchen.

Orange: Hey, hey Robot!

(Mecha Orange isn't moving)

Orange: Huh? Why it isn't mov..

Mecha Orange: Take this, annoying citrus! (opens a hole which leads a fist to Orange)

Orange: Ow! What the heck is that?

(Mecha Orange then throws Orange out of the kitchen)

Orange: (screams while being thrown out) OW! (falls into the drain)

Pear: Congratulations, Mecha Orange. Now the kitchen is very peaceful.

Bitter Gourd: (groans) Thank goodness. I thought I was going to be annoyed to death.

Pear: You're welcome, Bitter Gourd.

Midget Apple: No worries now.

Pear: Right, Little Apple.

Mecha Orange: (gaps) It's gone!

Marshmallow: Yay!

(Mecha Orange is doing a lot of work for Pear. Scene 1: Pear smiles when he sees Mecha Orange cleaning his room. Scene 2: Pear changes Mecha Orange's batteries. Scene 3: Mecha Orange is popping balloons with Pear and Midget Apple, who are both smiling. Scene 4: Bitter Gourd and Pear are seen taking Mecha Orange outside)

(One day)

Orange: (inside the drain, thinking to himself) Why?! Why does everyone dislike my jokes and puns? I thought that they were funny! GRRRRRRR!!!

Pear: What was that rrrr noise

Orange: GGGGRRRAAAAGGGHHH Hulk Smash! Dumb Pear!



Mecha Orange: 0.0

(Orange Turns into Hulk Orange)


(Orange crashes a car with the Kitchen)

Midget Apple: Why Did You Do This Pear!

Pear:To Make Everything Peacful Little Apple!

Midget Apple: Well Stop Doing This. You Know Orange Gets Mad, and we don't like him mad!

Pear: Im Sorry Orange! Im Sorry For kicking you out!

Bitter Gourd: SHUT UP!!!

Hulk Orange: (Smashes Bitter Gourd)

Bitter Gourd: OOOOOWWWWW!!!!

(Hulk Orange Turns Back into Orange)

Orange: Hey!

Mecha Orange and Bitter Gourd: WHAT!!??

Orange: Shark!

( Sharks Come in and eat Bitter Gourd and Mecha Orange)

Shark: Ptooie! I hate it when those guys are mechanicle.

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