Orange: Hey, hey Mintos!

Mentos: For the very last time, it's Mentos! Not Mintos!

Buddy: Mintos!

Mentos: WHAT?! What is it?

Mezmo, Dorako, and Pineapple: Got any MENTOS problem? (laughs)

Mentos: OK, please stop it already! You've been talking for hours!

Orange: (starts babbling] Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya!

Mentos: (groans) Would you please shut up?!

Orange: Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya!

Mentos: SHUT UP!!

Orange: Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya!

Mentos: OH GOD! SHUT UP!! (Orange stops) God, you are so annoying!

Orange: Hey, hey Mintos!

Mentos: What? What? WHAT?! WHAT IS IT?!

Super Pazuzu and Super C.O.V. : Hand!

(Daneboe pinches the top of Mentos)

Mentos: (screaming)

Orange: (groans in digust)

(Daneboe takes one of the Mentos and eats it up]

Earthtron: Geez, he really got pinched out. (laughs)

Mentos: (groans angrilly) So angry right now.

Buddy: You could say that again! (laughs)

Mentos: Please leave me alone. Now.

Kelbeam: Please leave me alone. Now.

Mentos: I meant it!

Orange: I meant it!

Mentos: OH my god! I can't take this anymore!

Orange: Yeah, you really need to "chew" out. (laughs)

Mentos: That's it! I'm not listening!

King Gesura and King Pandon: Hey, hey Mintos!

Mentos: (groaning)

King Goldras and King Silvergon: Mintos!

Mentos: (groaning)

Super Alien Hipporito: MINTOS!!

Mentos: WHAT?!?!?!

Orange: Hand, again!

(Daneboe pinches the end of the Mentos, causing all the Mentos to fall out)

Mentos: (screaming)

(Daneboe puts the Mentos sweets into a container, and throws the wrapper away)

Banila and Aboras: Geez, he really got contained. (laughs) Now what? (a few seconds of silence) Hey, Chewing Gum!

Chewing Gum: Not now.

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