"Annoying Orange: Mr. Lazy"
[[Image:Annoying Orange Mr. Lazy|center|240px]]
Episode: 127
Airdate: 25th June 2011
Characters: Orange, Grandpa Lemon, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Snow, Spiderman, Mr. Funny, Midget Apple
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Annoying Autumn"


Orange: Hey Grandpa Lemon. Grandpa Lemon: (Snores)

Orange: Hey, Hey Grandpa Lemon stop sleeping.

Grandpa Lemon: (Snores) What.

Mr. Lazy: Snores.

Orange: I said stop sleeping Grandpa Lemon.

Grandpa Lemon: I'm not sleeping.

Orange: Then what's that noise is it a hoagie (laughs)

Grandpa Lemon: Nope, It is just that guy.

Orange: (Gasps) Hey look it's Mr. Bean.

Mr. Lazy: Mr. Bean where?

Orange: I'm talking to you beanhead (laughs)

Mr. Lazy: I'm no Beanhead I'm Mr. La(snores)

Mr. Snow: Mr. Lazy I found you I didn't wanna lose YOU. Cause we already loss 2 Mr. Mens.

Orange: Hey Snowman, snowman, Hey.

Mr. Snow: Shut up!

Orange: Hey Spiderman look who's here.

Spiderman: Oh my god, it's Mr. Bean and snowman.

Orange: Hey Mr. Funny

Mr. Funny: Huh, Mr. Lazy, Mr. Snow, I can't belive I'm seeing you.

Mr. Snow: Huh, Mr. Funny. Do you know where Mr. Happy is.

Mr. Funny: (Shy laughs)

Mr. Snow: Tell me the truth.

Mr Funny: (Shy laughs) Knifed!

Mr. Snow: Huh

Grandpa Lemon and Mr. Lazy: (Snores)

Orange: Hey, Snowman

Mr. Snow: This guy is annoying.

Mr. Funny: Nonsense he's good, I've got the hang of it.

Mr. Snow: Tell the other friends with him.

Mr. Funny: OK, there's a pear. A marshmallow, A Passion fruit, A Midget Apple,

Midget Apple: That's Little Apple.

Mr. Funny: A Grapefruit and that old lemon.

Orange: Hey snowman

Mr. Snow: WHAT!

Orange: Knife!

Mr. Snow: (Screams while getting cut)

Mr. Lazy: At least he doesn't have some guts.

All: (Laughs)

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