Voice: Welcome to the first episode of Season 4, where the characters get to sing. Starring Orange!

Orange: Thanks for the hands, I don't have any! (laughs)

Voice: Pear!

Pear: Thanks, voice!

Voice: No problem, Pear! Midget Apple!

Midget Apple: I'm a little apple!

Voice: I mean Little Apple! Marshmallow!

Marshmallow: Yay! That's me!

Voice: Passion Fruit!

Passion Fruit: Yes?

Voice: Grapefruit!

Grapefruit: Thanks!

Voice: Grandpa Lemon!

(Grandpa Lemon snores)

Voice: Shelly!

Shelly: Hey it's Shelly, how can I help you?

Voice: Liam!

Liam The Leprechaun: Thanks, Dane!

Dane Boedigheimer: Did someone say my name?

Voice: Last but not least, our new character Cheez-It!

Cheez-It: Thanks! I'm recent even though I almost have a month in the series!

Voice: First, Orange is going to sing the Kitchen Intruder song!

Orange (autotuned singing): He's climbin' in your windows, choppin' your people up. Choppin', choppin'. So you'd better hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your kids, hide your wives. And hide your husbands 'cause he's slicin' everybody out there. You don't have to come and confess. You don't have to come and confess. We're lookin' for you. We're gonna to find you. We're gonna find you. So you can run and tell that, run and tell that, run and tell that knife, knife. Knife, knife, knife, knife.

Voice: Next is Pear singing his theme song.

Pear: Pear is green

And he's on the scene

He's rockin' the kitchen

He's livin' the dream

On a spaceship chasin' a moonbeam.

He's Pear!

Don't you know what I mean?

He's Pear!

(theme song ends)

Voice: Next is Little Apple and Marshmallow singing a song they both composed.

Midget Apple: The name is Best Friends Forever. Liam, hit it on the piano!

(Daneboe gives sheet to Liam The Leprechaun)

Liam The Leprechaun: OK!

(somber piano music plays)

Marshmallow: (singing) You know that I'm a fluffyface and I maybe be made out of clouds.

Midget Apple: (singing) Some people call me Midget Apple, but I am a Little Apple.

(Marshmallow and Midget Apple sing together): All people think we are annoying, but one day we'll chase a moonbeam.

Marshmallow: (singing) One day I might get roasted, but I had survived four near-death experiences.

Midget Apple: (singing) One day I might get knifed, but I really survived a near-death experience.

(Marshmallow and Midget Apple sing together): Not every fruit dies, two died and revived in Frankenfruit. We forget that pesky knife and we became BFF.

Midget Apple: Dane, hit it on the song!

(Alberto Cortez - Cuando Un Amigo Se Va plays on the song)

Voice: Cuando un amigo se va

queda un espacio vacío
que no lo puede llenar
la llegada de otro amigo.
cuando un amigo se va
queda un tizón encendido
que no se puede apagar
ni con las aguas de un río.

(Marshmallow and Midget Apple sing together): Not every fruit dies, two died and revied in Frankenfruit. We forget that pesky knife and we became BFF.

Voice: Nice song, Little Apple and Marshmallow. Next is Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon and Shelly singing metal rock, with all those wigs.

Passion Fruit: Shelly hit it on the electric guitar and Liam hit it on the ukelele!

(heavy metal plays)

Grandpa Lemon: What, what? Who are you?

(Passion Fruit, Shelly, Grapefruit and Grandpa Lemon sings): Oh, he's a very good jolly! Oh, hes a very good jolly! Oh, hes a very good jolly! That the annoying orange is still apple! The pear only kisses Mandy, for some passionfruit pie, that the pear makes out in a pear-passion fruit pie that Daneboe eats them to death! Hey!

Orange: I'm not an apple, I'm an Orange!

Pear: I'm not in love with Mandy anymore and I get shredded!

Orange: Hey Red Pear!

Red Pear: What's up, Orange?

Orange: Shredder!

(Daneboe picks up Red Pear and slices him)

Voice: Wow, the red Bartlett pear didn't see that one comming! Next is Liam, Cheez-It, Orange sings again but with Lemon from Wazzup and Trippotato!

Orange: Lets sing the food rap! (Orange imitates record)

Cheez-It: I am a food not a fruit or veggie.

Trippotato: I am a vegetable, of course I'm a POE-TAY-TOE!

Liam the Leprechaun: I am a leprechaun, not a jolly green giant! It's me Liam the Leprechaun!

Orange: I'm an Orange, not a kumquat or an apple!

Lemon: Well I am a lemon that says Wazzup!

Orange: Wazzup!

Cheez-It: Wazzup!

Trippotato: Wazzup!

Liam the Leprechaun: Wazzup!

(Everybody): We are all foods!

Liam the Leprechaun: Except me!

(Everybody): DEAL!

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