dora:cmon farm mall go kart

orange:ha ha ha ha

dora:woah whats that its over here

dora:boots boots

orange:air bud air bud ear bud ha ha ha

dora:youre not from here are you

orange:no im not near air bud air bud ear bud ha ha ha ha

dora:wheres the farm

orange:on youre face ha ha ha

dora:youre so cruel

orange:HEY IM MADE BHGWEG ha ha ha ha ha

orange:yo yo slice distroy poop oop air bud ear bud fight the gamestop ha ha ha ha ha

boots:lets go to doraland in 1968

midget apple: (reading history book) you mean  were going to a tornado

boots:yeah wheres the love

marshmello:yay i love love

pear: (gulps) not a tornado pears cant live in those

time travel takes them to 1968

bootom of the screen says may 15 1968

passion furit:are you telling lies dora its sunny at 4:54 pm

boots:wait at 8:39 pm it will be bad clouds green clouds will apper

orange:green poop ha ha ha ha ha whoa a restrunt with doggie doo haha haha ha

dora:oh no its 8:30 nine minutes till green cloud time then at midnight the tornado will apper

marshmellow:YAY i love clouds

dora:not these clouds marshmellow bad clouds

pear:change the time its 10:59 pronto i dont want to     die

tornado swoops by

orange:wach this ny ny ny ny ny


everyone:ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny ny

tornado:oooooooooooooooow my ears

tornado swoops

goldfish cracker:heres a ups delivery for dora

everyone exept dora & boots:hey hey dora dora hey


orange:open up

dora opens the present dora: santa buddies huh whats under here ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

comets apper

daneboe as goldfish cracker

orange:hey wheres grapefurit

grape furit:WOAH WOAH

ha ha ha ha knife (slice)

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