In this episode, Orange and Nintendo characters say wazzup until Sonic comes.


Elizabeth Eggplant: Something very strange just happened. A group of teenage hamburgers were playing Super Mario when suddenly the game got hacked. The Homebrew Channel was not installed. The hack was that a Pikachu appeared from a portal and into the game. Let's hear more about this, Ryan?

Ryan Rutabaga: That's right. The hamburgers were staring in awe as.....

(Knife goes out of portal and cuts Ryan)

Ryan: That was originally from Angry Birds.

Orange: Whoa! That's the fist time in 20 years I've ever heard anything intersesting on the news! And I haven't even lived 20 years!

Pear: The portals are affecting us, too. Look at Marshmallow going into one.

(Donkey Kong escapes portal scared)

Donkey Kong: Whoa! A white ball just killed me with a rainbow!

Orange: Wazzup!

Donkey Kong: Wazzup!

Diddy Kong: Wazzup!

(Other characters escape portal!)

Samus: An apple midget was telling yo mama jokes to me!

Mario: A squash was stealing all of my mushrooms and grabbed the princess!

Link: A seriously old lemon dressed up as a Deku and scared the living crap out of me!

Orange: Wazzup!

Video game characters: Wazzup!

Marshmallow's sister: Itty bitty little rainbows!

Pear: Get out of here. All you are is a pink marshmallow with a pink bow on you.

(Marshmallow's sister eats Pear)

Pikachu: Wazzup!

Fox McCloud: Wazzup!

Falco Lombardi: Wazzup!

Zelda: Wazzup!

Luigi: Wazzup!

Jigglypuff: Wazzup!

Kirby: Wazzup!


Bowser: Wazzup!

Wario: Wazzup!

Peach: Wazzup!

Red, Blue, Yellow, Light Blue, and Pink Yoshis: WAZZUP!

Sonic: Wazzup!

(All Nintendo characters leave and run away in horror)

Orange: Wazzup!

Pear: See? The Nintendo characters got so annoyed they ran away!

Sonic: Nah, it was me.

Orange: I better change the title to "Video Game Wazzup".

Red Bird: Cawzup!

Fruity Question of the Day

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