"Annoying Orange: No More Mr. Slam Chop Guy"
Characters: Orange,Slam Chop, Olivia, Stephiane, Andrea, Emma, Mia, Lloyd, Onion, Onion's soul
Fanon Episode Guide

 Annoying Orang Annoys an onion at first, and then has a conversation with Slam Chop from The Annoying Orange: The Younger Years


Orange: Ummm.. wait, can you say that again?

Onion: I told you like a million times already and you still don't believe me!!

Orange: You are...

Onion: an onion! and us onions have souls!

Orange: Ummm....

Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stepheine, Olivia: hi, Orange, who are you talking to? playing a game?

(DaneBoe uses Slam Chop to kill onion, and turns him around to show face)

Orange: I don't know, let's ask onion! (gasps)

Slam Chop: Hi, fellas!, whats up with all thes pieces all around?

(all scream)

( title screen appears, "no more mr. slam chop guy" plays, " no mooorrrrre mr. slam chop guy, now hes reel sharp! hes got steeeeeeeeellll!)

Slam Chop: woah,woah,woah, I won't hurt you all!

Orange: yeah, try telling that to onion(laughs)

Not complete.... 

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