"Annoying Orange: Nothing But An Apple"
Episode: 149
Characters: Orange, Apple (Autotuned), Soccer Ball, Shelly, Watermelon, Princess Butterfly Kiss
Fanon Episode Guide


Orange: Hey, hey Watermelon!

Watermelon: What.

Orange: Wanna see a trick?

Watermelon: Yes!

(spits seed)

Watermelon: That hurt!

Apple: Hey, bud!

Orange: Hey, iPhone!

Orange: Watcha doing?

Apple: I was talking to soccer ball.

Orange: You mean that melon!

Soccer Ball: I told you already, I'm not a melon!

Watermelon: I'm a melon, not the soccer ball!

Soccer Ball: That's right, watermelon!

Apple: Want to hear some music?

Orange: Yes.

(Apple plays Small Shell Under The Sea)

Orange: Shelly is that your favorite song?

Shelly: Yes! Like my father said, "You'd never be a sweet girl if you are a small shell under the sea".

Orange: Hey, hey Watermelon!

Watermelon: What?

Orange: Princess Butterfly Kiss.

(Princess Butterfly Kiss neighs and kicks Watermelon)

Orange: Watermelon, still alive?

Watermelon: Yes, but that unicorn wasen't a murder weapon.

Orange: (sighs) Stupid Watermelon.

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