"Annoying Orange: Nya Nya Babble Sandy Claus"
Episode: 393
Characters: Orange, Rudolph, Santa
Fanon Episode Guide

Orange brings puns to a higher level than before when Santa Claus returns.


Orange: "Hey! Hey reindeer! Hey, reindeer! Hey!"

Rudolph: "What?"

Orange: "You're rudolph the red-nose bell-reindeer, right?"

Rudolph: "Jingle Bells have to do with christmas."

Orange: "That doesn't ring like a bell...BIG FAT JINGLE!!" (laughs)

Rudolph: "Shut up!" (orange babbling)

Santa: "Ho ho ho. Merry christmas."

Orange: "Hey! Hey Sandy! Can I make tongue sounds?"

Santa: "No." (orange grunting wierd tune) "Please stop." (tune continues) "Stop." (tune continues) "That was very naughty." (orange laughs, then babbles tongue) "Please stop." (babbling continues) "Okay!" (orange touches his tongue with his eye)

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